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Dreg Capitalism


The Black Hearts of Blackwater and the Rest of Them

Capitalists Hijack Pentagon for War Making and Creating, Institute War Crimes and to Fight Americans on Their Own Soil

Capitalist Law:  Kill or Pay

China’s Capitalists Hire Hoodlums and Murderers
to Attack Labor Rights Advocates 


The Two Evils Double Up:  “Privatizing Zionism”

– Paying People to Destroy Other People’s Lives and Livelihoods 


America’s Capitalists Beat, Torture and Abuse Slaves 


Capitalists Poison Californian Population with Approval of Government
to Stay in Business 


Monopolization and Privatization and The Mechanics of Enslavement


Capitalists are Not Providing Services


You can't get around some simple facts – unless you're a capitalist.


The citizens factually need to provide for themselves through taxation.


Our state officials are obligated to distribute products and "services" equitably throughout society, and especially encourage individual moral growth. The citizens more or less get the products and services previously paid for through taxes and there are no conflicts of interest. Social welfare is maintained and the people are satisfied.

This standard political system is probably as old as time.

Unfortunately, power is customarily abused in this world. Today, our capitalists' tax laws have all but extinguished the common sense of these noble political practices - and created monsters, living at the expense of all others.
History repeats itself... it is later than it seems.
The capitalists convinced the public long ago that they can provide services better than the government. In a perverted way, that may be true - if your goal is to indulge the senses. Our wizards certainly fabricated ways to coddle the citizens with taxes, services and products. Granted, we got handiwork and stores, technology and science, trivia, agnostic world views, monopolies and the New World Order. But the public has been so mesmerized by material options that we failed to catch the capitalists in their BIG LIE.
There has been a bait-and-switch
we never got the services! What most of us got amounts to slavery.
You Pay For This, But They Give You That

Of course, the capitalists profess everything they do is for the citizens as they pass all their operating costs off at public expense.

And we are lead to believe our jobs contribute to society through employment and production.
But then one has to wonder why the public REPEATEDLY pays for the same products and services they've already purchased through materials, research, factories, employment, stores, and other tax write-offs
unless they're mentally compromised? The public pays for capitalistic services, but never actually get them. People really don't understand the basics in governing themselves.
The citizens continue to provide the same intellect, taxes and labor for the capitalists as they do for the government. Superficially, corporate employment resembles cushy government jobs. But the social effect is exactly the opposite. Instead of working with harmonious social representatives, we now work for tyrants who monopolize and privatize EVERYTHING they can.
In spite of the public being responsible for the corporate plantations in every way, the slaves must labor in the 'fields' while the shareholders reap all the rewards. The endless rows of tobacco leaves and cotton may have been replaced by the asphalt jungle, but the slave system remains intact.
The capitalists have never been willing to share what we all make possible. Rather, after being funded by the public, the capitalists pretend they are responsible for everything
and claim everything as a result. As it turns out, they think everything is about them.
Capitalists are Wolves in Sheep's Clothing

'Privatizing public funds' says it all: corporate "services" enables tyrants to destroy society. It's all about the private, expanding fortunes of the elite. Either capitalists are slick salesmen, or we're just plain stupid. I think it's a classic case of 'the blind leading the blind.'
If you're going to have equitable cheating (as in 'honor among thieves') then you need to strategically monopolize faster than others.

Capitalists conspiracies accomplish this.
Capitalists combine their will and resources to make an economic army, but they're only recognized as one 'individual' under the law.

Conveniently enough, equating the rights of people and corporations has its limits. We individuals can't engage in criminal activity without severe punishment, but the corporate 'person' seems to be exempt from this kind of justice. That's what happens when criminals police themselves. Corporations get to have their cake and eat it too.
Shareholders initiate venture(s) and secure proprietorship status. If you are wealthy enough to invest and wait for the tax cycle, then – and only then – you can get reimbursed for something you never gave up. This is the art of greed. Who else could possibly expand like rich people making their own laws? One has to be wealthy and well-connected to even use the tax laws effectively. So essentially, the public is left out.

The tax schemes may appeal to everyone's cupidity, but they're hardly a basis for a democratic society. A free economy based on giveaways only the rich can afford is a sham to say the least.
If people asked you to pay their way, enabling them to sell you and others whatever they want, you'd probably wonder what drugs they were taking. Well, our government has made this capitalist's pitch our bread and butter... It's the law!
Capitalists get quietly reimbursed for "services." The more they can practice their philanthropy, the more they charge the public for it.

Here, social wealth and causes are quietly transformed into private ones - as the public gets billed by tyrants who seek to convert and control.

All the products and services are just an excuse to 'privatize public funds.'
The aim is large sustained returns. This is achieved by having as many citizens as possible engaged in paying capitalists' expenses. The faster shareholders can accomplish this, the larger their fortunes can be – by exploiting more people. Thus, the capitalist goal is to drain public resources and establish their "service" as the largest 'private' institution of society. The corporations are tailor-made to do this by using public giveaways to monopolize all social activity. Never mind the lack of social conscience accompanying their "good intentions." The games of the rich are simply to covet all that they can.


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