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Germans Enraged By Merkel's Grovelling Goy Show
By Michael James in Germany

As Angela Merkel this week genuflected in an obscene show of gratuitous and fawning grovelling before the bandit state of Israel, a 'nation' born in a sea of blood and built upon the corpses of murdered Palestinians and desecrated centuries-old orange groves, the people of Germany, privately, or after-hours in local cafes and taverns among trusted friends and neighbours, seethed with barely repressed rage.


"She said we only exist to enrich them, or words to that effect," a usually reserved and mild-mannered local restaurateur told me as I dropped by for cigarettes. "Why doesn't she just move there? The Israelis can keep her because we don't need her. She's done nothing for us!"


The proprietor looked out across the empty tables that, eight years ago, were all fully booked from Monday through to Sunday. Despite an up tick during the World Football Championship year of 2006, she's running at a loss again. She wonders how much longer she can keep her family business going. She wonders why the German government has betrayed her by attacking the middle class.


"All they care about is Israel. Nothing's too good for them, especially my taxes."


Merkel got a good press this week. Germany's best-selling tabloid gave her the Schindler treatment. She pretty much apologised for being German, for even daring to set foot on such holy, immaculate ground. Just think of the poor Jewish microbes that must have died underfoot as she strolled around Tel Aviv on the last leg of her visit. Six million of them? Prophecy fulfilled? One shudders to think.


"The [alleged] holocaust fills us Germans with shame," she told a jubilant Knesset on Tuesday last, onion in hand.


Well, I'm sorry to break the news to you, Mrs Merkel, but that's simply not true. It's your capitulation to the dark, Satanic forces of Zionist evil that fills the German people with shame.


"The security of Israel is for me as German Chancellor never negotiable," Merkel went on.


Unlike the security of the German people who increasingly find themselves living in fear of gangs of marauding immigrants who have taken up Federal Republic passports yet can barely speak one word of the German language, or of the thousands of hardened criminals, burglars and drug mules who have crossed the line from the east unchecked, thanks to the treasonous Schengen Agreement and the recent abolition of proper border controls.


"Compassion arises from taking responsibility for the past," she continued.


Was she about to mention the demonically violent theft of Palestine by the Stern Gang and Irgun terror squads, the Zionist's 1948 bombing of the King David Hotel, the vicious Israeli attack on the USS Liberty, the Sabra and Shatilla massacres of Palestinian women and children as they lay sleeping in their tents, the illegal and murderous invasion of Lebanon, and the continuing genocide of the Palestinian people who are being starved to death and used as moving skeletal targets by sadistic Israeli soldiers and airmen?


Don't hold your breath, folks.


"Only if Germany admits to her Nazi [ethnic nationalist] past can the future be humane," she declared without any reference to the apartheid, ethnic nationalist state of Israel. Not even a wry smile, the slightest smirk, or a telling nod and a wink to the Shining Ones in the front row.


"Anti-Semitism [criticism of the state of Israel and the perniciously evil ideology of Zionism] must never be tolerated in Germany or in Europe," she went on, adding that 'holocaust denial' [the practice of asking troubling, science-based questions about anomalies in historical reportage] must be punished wherever it's found.


Well, you can start with this writer, Mrs Merkel. You know where I am.


"Me too," said 74-year-old Alfred as he took a seat next to me in a local tavern that evening. "They died the same way we did at the end of the war: through starvation and disease. In fact, they probably had it better. Millions more of us Germans died of starvation and illness back then."


Three million, according to 'After the Reich: A Brutal History of the Allied Occupation' by Giles MacDonogh, an establishment British historian. A German Shoah. A real holocaust. But one about which nothing is ever said in German schools or the media.


Alfred is on his second Ebbelwoi, an extremely potent fermented apple brew, and I order another coffee.


"Where did they get this 'six million' number from?" he asks.


"The Kabbalah," I tell him. "Ask Israeli historian Tom Segev. It's a Kabbalistic, numerological interpretation of Leviticus, chapter 25, verse 10, which you'll find in the Torah."


Alfred looks at me askance.


"Kabbalism is a form of black magic," I explain. "Voodoo for Jews. Each letter in the Hebrew alphabet corresponds to a certain number, and by simply placing a special mark above any given letter in a sentence, the Rabbi not only changes the entire meaning of the sentence, he consciously performs an act of numerological magic. It's Satanism, of course, for which Jesus condemned them."


"Oh, yes, I now that," Alfred sighs. "That's why they killed him. So it's all about black magic then ... this special 'six million' figure?"


"Yes," I tell him, wishing it otherwise. "Even where the German government has acknowledged overestimations, they religiously stick to the sacred 'six million' figure. For instance, camp museum officials have downwardly revised the Auschwitz death toll from four million in 1945 to just over one million in 2005. According to Russian archives, the real number of inmates who died there was 73,137 and the gas chamber you see on show today was built in 1948 to back up the Shoah narrative, which stipulates a 'holocaust', meaning a 'burnt offering' as a sacrifice to their conception of God. The German government accepts this privately, as it must, yet they will never admit it publicly. The sacred number cannot be abnegated, for it is upon that Kabbalistic figure that the state of Israel derives its mystical, Judeo-Masonic justification."


"So they all know it's a lie, don't they?" Alfred asks rhetorically. "Merkel, Beck, Sarkozy, Bush, your Queen, all of them?"


"Yes, because it's their unified ideology, regardless as to their assumed political affiliations. It's the religion of a new world order, partially achieved here in Europe, which is their plan for an Antichrist global government that will take its seat in Jerusalem. If any one of them ever feels tempted to tell the truth, he is pulled back into line, blackmailed, discredited or assassinated."


"What about ordinary members of the government?" Alfred queries. "They're not all part of this Satanic elite, are they?"


"Not all of them," I answer. "But the information is made available to them in the form of a veiled threat that has the effect of initiating them into the mysticism that enshrouds the issue. Each week, for instance, representatives read a confidential newspaper published especially for them, called 'Das Parlament'. On page 19 of the fifth edition, published on 24 May 1997, the entire holocaust saga was explained as a sacrificial ritual myth. The article is republished regularly. They all know it."


"Isn't that treason, knowing the truth and not telling the citizenry?"


"Treason against Germany and the German people, yes. Treason against the Federal Republic, which is itself unconstitutional according to a Federal Constitutional Court ruling handed down on 31 July 1973, no. That's why members of the Bundestag keep their mouths shut. In this crazy world in which we live, telling lies will earn you promotion but telling the truth will get you killed and your passing will be written off as an accident or suicide."


"Möllemann?" says Alfred, his eyes quickening.


"He [Jürgen Möllemann, former government minister and a leader of the Free Democrats] began to rebel. He started telling the truth. They tried to bring false charges against him, but they were proven groundless. They panicked. You see, the Federal Republic, whose authority derives from the holocaust religion, cannot exist without its 'twin', Israel, and Israel cannot exist without its 'twin', the Federal Republic. They are destructively self-reinforcing entities."


"So that's why they killed him?"


"They have to kill anyone who cannot abide living a lie, because for such people blackmail, character assassination, slander, fines or imprisonment cannot silence them. They will kill me too one day, perhaps quite soon. It's a congenital thing with me, and there's no cure. I've been threatened before, by MI6, several times between 1996 and 2001. But I can't keep myself from telling what I perceive to be the truth, because it is the holocaust deception that is responsible for the chaos of the last century and which is leading us all toward a planned and limited nuclear war aimed to scare the crap out of us, sufficient to our actually demanding a fully dehumanised new world order should the scheduled Second Great Depression not do the trick."


"So that's why Merkel wants German soldiers in the Middle East," Alfred tuts as he excuses himself for a moment. "Perhaps they want to add another three million Germans to their tally, just to even things out according to their strange mathematics."


The tavern begins to fill up with the usual regulars and I glance at the day's 'Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung', a broadsheet that aims at objectivity but always misses on one particular issue. Charlotte Knobloch, Chairwoman of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, is ecstatic in her approval of Merkel, describing her as "a real friend of Israel". Guido Westerwelle, leader of the Free Democrats, is fulsome in his praise of the Chancellor: "Germany will stand by Israel in the face of all threats, especially those emanating from Iran."


"They are not empty words," Merkel had emphasised, meaning Germans are going to die for Israel. It's a done deal. But how many? Three million? Could Alfred have a point? After all, aren't twins supposed to resemble one another? In terms of Israel and its relationship to the Federal Republic, are we dealing with some kind of 'evil twin' syndrome playing itself out on the world stage as an exposition in duality for the entertainment of highly sophisticated psychopaths?"


"I'm disgusted with her," says Katharina, a 35-year-old secretary. "She's not my Chancellor. She's a disgrace to Germany."


Gerhardt, a paunchy computer boffin, grimaces over his beer. "Forget it, Katharina. We've seen this shit before. If you're not used to it now you never will be."


I feign indifference and continue reading. Merkel had left Israel with the usual promises of helping to bring peace to the region: a region that had known nothing but peace up until the violent Zionist invasion sixty years ago (and there's that magic '6' again). For centuries, Torah-observant Sephardic Jews and Palestinians had lived happily together, helping each other out when needed, as good neighbours often do. Then they came, the Ashkenazi Jews, with their forged dollars, their bombs, their assault rifles, their Babylonian Talmud, their Kabbalist Rabbis, their wicked hearts filled with hatred and violence.


And so began the Palestinian holocaust. Sixty years of land theft, murder, rape, pillage, psychological trauma, false flag operations and Jewish terrorism. And yet Merkel has the audacity to say: "As we speak here, thousands of people are living in fear of the rockets and terror of Hamas."


Hamas, established with Israeli money (American and German taxpayers' money) to act as a competitor to the PLO and a militant agent provocateur committing deeds that would enhance public perception of the unlawful and unscriptural state of Israel, could never hope to compete with the savagery and viciousness of the IDF and a myriad of covert state-financed paramilitary groups. But killing non-Jews (Goyim: 'cattle'), sanctioned and encouraged by the unexpurgated Hebrew-language edition of the Talmud, has always been the favourite pastime of these anti-humans.


The proprietor of the tavern has switched on the television for the 'Tagesschau', the eight o'clock round-up of the daily news. Angela Merkel's face hoves into view.


"I hate her," says Katharina. "I hate that bitch."


There is an audible murmur of consensus throughout the tavern, now quite full. These are country people, but many work in the city or one of the outlying towns away from the foothills. They are average, middle-income Germans. They are hardworking, intelligent, caring, nurturing people. And they are angry.


A news report makes reference to the five Israeli Knesset members who had boycotted Merkel's speech, saying that German should never be spoken on Israeli soil, let alone in the Knesset. The camera closes in on them standing against a railing. Their leery faces are lit up by real hatred, demonic hatred: a hatred reserved for all Goyim, but especially Germans.


"Why do we tolerate this?" asks someone standing behind me.


"Because we're cash cows," comes another voice, "and cash cows get milked all the time. Merkel, the Jews, the bankers, the politicians. They milk us for every cent we've got and it's never enough because in their eyes we're only animals to be abused at will. But somehow we've grown used to it. There's no leaving the farm."


"This never-ending holocaust shit stinks," the proprietor says, drawing a small glass of beer. "I'm sick of hearing about it. When will it ever end?"


"Never," I reply, "unless the truth be told by everyone with eyes to read and a willingness to defy the traitors in Berlin. How many millions of us can they intimidate or send to jail? For how much longer can they rig elections before the spiel is up?"


"You're an Englishman," Alfred says, now back on his seat. "But we Germans don't rebel. We're not French. We don't take to the streets. There'll never be a revolution in Germany."


Katharina takes a sharp intake of breath. "It's coming, Alfred. Whether communist, or nationalist, or, I don't know, from another direction. It's coming, and when it happens, things will just explode and Merkel and her gang will be on the first flight out to Israel."


"You are the revolution," I tell Katharina. "Every German who has been forced to endure the new system of servitude by which we are all expected to live is the revolution. You've all got to learn to fight for yourselves, for your family and for your nation, and not look to political leaders who will only sell you out once the dust has settled."


"I'm with you, Mike," says Gerhardt, his demeanour more serious. "But how?"


The tavern is now packed and the debate has taken on a life of its own. As is the tradition in Germany, folks take care not to speak at the same time, each hearing the other fellow out until he has said his piece; each speaking from the heart and from the soul in a way that would stagger those who believe the true national democratic spirit is dead.


"Look at us here," I tell Gerhardt and the others as the proprietor switches off the television. "We all know the holocaust is occult bullshit. We all know we're living in a time of lies and hoaxes and propagandistic, warmongering deception. We all confess with our mouths that we are being squeezed every which way by the role- playing parasites in Berlin, Washington, Paris, Tel Aviv and London. But out there, in the streets and in your workplaces you say nothing for fear of the Jews."


"Johannes, chapter seven, verse thirteen," says Alfred, a convinced Lutheran.


"It's stated repeatedly throughout the New Testament," I add. "Those who wanted to do good things lived in fear of the Jews. It's Easter, right here in the heart of Europe, and yet out there we scurry around with our mouths closed and our heads bowed for fear of the Jews, as if everything that Jesus said and did counts for naught."


"So when will it end?" the proprietor asks again.


"It will end when you decide it should end," I reply. "It will end when you collectively take back this beautiful country, Germany, from those who have stolen it from you. It will end with a spontaneous outpouring of anger in one huge act of patriotic defiance, or with a series of individual acts of defiance, which will multiply exponentially throughout this land as more and more people take courage from one another. You're not alone and you never will be."


I'm tired and it's time for me to go. The proprietor stands me a Cola and the others a schnapps. It's on the house. We raise our glasses. "Prost!"


I slowly make my way back home by foot and choose the strangely haunted path that runs along the far side of the forest. I ask myself, "Who are these people among whom I have lived for sixteen years?" They are the same as my people, the English. They are still strong. They know the truth, even though they are afraid to say it beyond the safe confines of the neighbourhood tavern, and, armed with this truth, they have the power to free themselves from the shackles of this evil, mischievous system that seeks only to destroy the natural European and the freely available treasures of life. But in a way, I shall always be a stranger to them, just as I was a stranger in my own country.


I reflect upon what Katharina had said. Does it really matter who takes the lead, whether communist or nationalist? Yes, it does, because international socialism is Judaism for the Goyim. The newly re-founded Communist Party, 'Die Linke', are currently running at 14 percent in the opinion polls, virtually replacing nationalist parties as havens of dissent almost overnight. That's no accident.


The Pharisees have always controlled rival factions, playing both sides against the middle and then the middle against itself. It's an esoteric art. They've been doing it for centuries: at first by taking control of the financial system, and then, with growing brazenness and self-confidence, the media, the education system, the 'opposing' political factions, the establishment Christian churches and, finally, the government.


They have a timetable; they know what's coming, and the communists represent their insurance policy. Having eaten our substance and unleashed a global economic meltdown that will leave them holding most of the gold reserves, handsome portfolios of real estate and any other commoditised asset you care to mention, including our homes and what's left of our publicly owned infrastructure, they must ensure that the game of smoke and mirrors remains in place. They must protect what they have stolen and they shall do so by positioning themselves as our saviours.


When the time comes for apportioning blame, it is their puppets who will be pointing fingers and yelling, "J'accuse!"


They will give us all a new kind of international communism, one long in the planning and already being fashioned right here in Germany. They'll give it a new name and carefully align it with the eternal Cult of the Holocaust to pacify Judeo-Christians and blend political dogma with false spirituality and the sense of a perpetual, guilt-ridden indebtedness to the Jews and the diabolic Zionist state of Israel. I know all their works.


Count the numbers in the occult Star of David by focusing on its geometry. It's the number of a man, and it is the mark of this world: the beast system. Under no circumstances let this mark, the hexagram, guide your thinking or work your hands, even though one day your decision may mean that you lose your job or are in some way denied permission to buy and sell in order to survive. Some of us have already experienced these impositions.


Many of you who think you are Christians have already taken the mark upon your head, integrating it into your thinking. If you did so unwittingly then you are safe, but you must move quickly to protect yourself from those who want your soul for keeps: the Zionists and their co-religionists in Judeo-Freemasonry and Judeo- Christianity.


If you cannot yet see it clearly yourself, but somehow perceive that you are being artfully manipulated by forces unseen, then you must open your eyes to the truth and learn all you can, while you can.


Your survival depends on it.





Michael James, an Englishman, is a former freelance journalist. He has been resident in Germany since 1992 with additional long-haul stays in East Africa, Poland and Switzerland.





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