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The Food Irradiation Plot
Why the USDA Wants to Sterilize Fresh  Produce
and Turn Live Foods into Dead Foods

By Mike Adams


(NaturalNews) -- There's a new plot underway to sterilize your food and  destroy the nutritional value of fresh produce. The players in this  plot are the usual suspects: The USDA (which backed the "raw" almond  sterilization rules now in effect in California) and the American  Chemical Society -- a pro-chemical group that represents the interests  of industrial chemical manufacturers. The latest push comes from USDA  researchers who conducted a study to see which method more effectively  killed bacteria on leafy green vegetables like spinach.


To conduct the study, they bathed the spinach in a solution  contaminated with bacteria. Then, they tried to remove the bacteria  using three methods: Washing, chemical spraying and irradiation. Not  surprisingly, only the irradiation killed nearly 100 percent of the  bacterial colonies. That's because radiation sterilizes both the  bacteria and the vegetable leaves, effectively killing the plant and  destroying much of its nutritional value while it kills the bacteria.


The USDA claims this is a huge success. By using radiation on all fresh  produce, they claim, the number of food-borne illness outbreaks that  happen each year could be substantially reduced. It all makes sense  until you realize that by destroying the nutritional value of all fresh  produce sold in the United States, an irradiation policy would greatly  increase the number of people killed by infections and chronic diseases  that are prevented by the natural medicines found in fresh produce!


Why fresh, living produce helps prevent sickness


The USDA, you see, has zero recognition of the difference between  living produce and dead produce. To uneducated government bureaucrats,  pasteurized or irradiated vegetable juice is identical to fresh, raw,  living vegetable juice. They believe this because they've never been  taught about the phytonutrients, digestive enzymes and life force  properties that are found in fresh foods, but that are destroyed  through heat or irradiation. This, the USDA is operating out of extreme  ignorance when it comes to food and nutrition.


Even a simple leaf of spinach contains hundreds of natural medicines --  phytonutrients that help prevent cancer, eye diseases, nervous system  disorders, heart disease and much more. Every living vegetable is a  powerhouse of disease-fighting medicine: Broccoli prevents cancer, beet  greens cleanse the liver, cilantro removes heavy metals, celery  prevents cancer, berries prevent heart disease and dark leafy greens  help prevent over a dozen serious health conditions while boosting  immune function and helping prevent other infections. But when you  subject these fruits and vegetables to enough radiation to kill 99.9%  of the pathogens that may be hitching a ride, you also destroy many of  the phytonutrients responsible for these tremendous health benefits!


This means that while irradiating food may decrease outbreaks of  food-borne illnesses, it will have the unintended consequence of  increasing the number of people who get sick from other infections (and  chronic diseases) due to the fact that their source of natural medicine  has been destroyed. For many Americans, you see, salad greens are their  one remaining source for phytonutrients. Given their diets of processed  foods, junk foods and cooked foods, there are very few opportunities  for these consumers to get fresh, phytonutrient-rich foods into their  diet. And now the USDA wants to take that away, too, by mandating the  irradiation of all fresh produce.


Let me make a rather obvious prediction, on the record: If the  irradiation of fresh produce goes into effect in the United States,  rates of infection among consumers will sharply increase, not decrease,  due to the removal of immune-boosting natural medicine from the food  supply. Consumers will also experience higher rates of cancer, heart  disease, dementia, eye disorders, diabetes and even obesity. By  destroying these thousands of healing phytonutrients, irradiation will  leave many consumers defenseless against modern society's many health  challenges.


It is no exaggeration to say that a policy of mass irradiation of fresh  produce is as blatantly stupid as the Romans building their aqueducts  with lead-lined waterways. As historians have explained, after the  aqueducts were built, the water delivered to the Roman population was  contaminated with lead -- a heavy metal that causes numerous health  problems, including insanity. Many historians blame the lead-lined  aqueducts as one of the primary reasons why the Roman Empire fell: Its  leaders went mad, and the rest is history.


I would argue that America's leaders are already mad, but that's beside  the point. If we start irradiating our food, thereby destroying its  nutritional value, we are going to unleash a cascade of unintended  consequences even greater than the Roman's aqueducts. Absent the  protections of phytonutrients found in plants, the health of most  consumers will rapidly decline, and we'll see the U.S. thrust into a  quagmire of chronic disease and medical bankruptcy. (It's already  heading there, of course, but killing the food supply will only  accelerate the downward spiral of health.)


Let's sterilize all the food!


The USDA has never met a food sterilization plan it didn't like. It  backed the recent almond sterilization law that went into effect in  California last year, forcing all almond growers to sterilize their  almonds by subjecting them to toxic chemicals or cooking them at high  enough temperatures to kill anything that might have been alive (such  as the almond itself). Now, all the raw almonds consumed in America are  purchased from overseas growers, where raw still means raw.


Raw milk has also been under attack in California and elsewhere. The  USDA supported laws that essentially banned the sales of raw milk,  requiring milk to be sterilized, too. If you now irradiate all the  fresh produce, you have a food supply that is predominantly sterilized  -- otherwise known as "dead." And dead foods lead to dead people.


That a society's health regulators would want all foods to be dead  should be downright shocking to anyone who knows anything about health  and nutrition. Live foods keep people alive, but dead foods make people  dead. It's really not a complicated concept. The USDA's definition of  "food safety," however, is based on the idea that the health of one  immune-system-compromised individual who can't handle a little E. Coli  is more important than the ongoing health of the entire population.  Thus, all foods must be killed for everyone.


I strongly disagree with this approach. Foods should not be expected to  be sterilized. In terms of food safety, emphasis should be placed on  boosting the health and immune systems of individuals so they can  survive occasional contact with E. Coli rather than trying to create a  sterile environment in which nothing is alive. As it turns out, the  people susceptible to food-borne illnesses are precisely those  individuals who have compromised immune systems due to their intake of  vaccines and antibiotics. Thus, it is modern medicine that has made  these people vulnerable to food-borne illnesses. Blame the drug  companies, not the bacteria.


But the USDA would rather blame the food. Blaming conventional medicine  for the harm it has caused to the human immune system is not  politically correct. It's better to blame the food, then use scare  tactics to announce yet more outbreaks and hope for a public outcry for  widespread food irradiation. And that brings me to the "final solution"  on food irradiation.


How the USDA plans to join the FDA in keeping everyone sick


There is a corporate-sponsored plot underway in the U.S. today to keep  people sick and deny them access to information about natural cures  (such as medicinal foods) that would prevent disease and keep people  out of the hospitals. In more than 1,500 articles on this website, I've  documented the FDA's criminality, the USDA's indefensible actions, and  the criminal behavior of drug manufacturers who only earn profits if  they can find a way to keep the entire population sick and diseased for  another generation or two.


Destroying the natural medicine in the food supply sure would be a  highly effective way to create more customers for Big Pharma, wouldn't  it? I think it's all part of the "keep the population sick and  diseased" plot being carried out by an evil partnership between drug  companies and the U.S. government. We already know that the FDA and  USDA work for the corporations, not the People. We already know that  they will do practically anything to boost their profits (including  conducting medical experiments on infants, drugging schoolchildren,  lying to the public, fabricating clinical trials and more). Is it any  surprise that they would now attempt a "final solution" on the food  supply that kills the food and thereby results in a huge reduction in  the population's intake of the disease-fighting nutrients found in  fresh produce?


The social engineering recipe


Pulling this off, of course, requires a bit of social engineering by  the USDA in order to force the public into demanding something be done.  If you're the USDA, you can't just suddenly announce a national food  sterilization plan; you have to prime the pump with a bit of dirty  work. Here's the simple plan for accomplishing that, if you're the  USDA:


1) Conduct poor inspections of fresh produce on purpose, in order to  cause a large increase in food-borne illness outbreaks. (We've seen  this increase happen over the last 12 - 24 months.) This can be easily  accomplished by reducing the budget of food inspection offices, or  removing inspectors from the payroll altogether (which has already  happened).


2) Wait for the outbreaks to happen. When consumers get sick, run  national press releases announcing how dangerous the food supply is.


3) Watch the consumer reaction as people and lawmakers demand  "something be done!"


4) Fudge a study with the American Chemical Society to show that  washing doesn't work and that irradiation is the only solution. Time  the release of this news to coincide with the public outcry that  "something be done!"


5) Once the public is demanding a solution to food-borne illnesses,  roll out a national produce irradiation requirement that sterilizes all  the food.


Mission accomplished! This, of course, leads to point #6:


6) Watch the population become increasingly sick and diseased (thanks  to the lack of phytonutrients that used to be found in the fresh  produce), and cash in on your Big Pharma shares as the population is  herded into hospitals for lucrative treatments with monopoly-priced  pharmaceuticals.


It's the same old social engineering trick that's been used to hoodwink  the American people hundreds of times. How do you get the public to  support a war in the Middle East? Stage an attack on U.S. soil first,  and wait for the public outcry. How do you get the People to support  the mass sterilization of their own food supply? Lower your inspection  standards, let the sickness spread, and then wait for the public  outcry. It's the way governments get things done these days: They  manipulate the public into demanding the things they wanted to  accomplish in the first place. These are sometimes called "false flag  operations" in a military context, and they've been conducted by the  U.S. government on numerous occasions, just like they were conducted by  Hitler in Nazi Germany to justify his invasions of neighboring  countries. You can read about False Flag operations on Wikipedia:  [More here:]


What "they" really want: A dead food supply


Let's be blunt about this: The corporations running this country (which  also run the U.S. government) want the U.S. food supply to be dead.  They don't want foods to be used as medicines, and they sure don't want  the natural medicines found in foods competing with their own patented  pharmaceutical medicines (that just happen to earn them a whole lot  more money than any food ever did).


Don't you find it curious that this attack on the food supply is coming  out now, right after all this incredible news about the healing power  of foods has been hitting the science journals? Every week, it seems,  we find out about another amazing health property in a food. Black  raspberries reverse oral cancer. Pomegranates halt prostate cancer.  Green tea halts breast cancer. The list goes on. Just on this website  alone, we've probably published 1,000 stories over the last two years  on the disease-fighting properties of foods.


The thing to realize here is that many of the healing properties of  these foods are destroyed through pasteurization or irradiation. If  you're a government that wants to "take away the People's medicine,"  the fastest way to accomplish that is to mandate the sterilization of  the food supply. Kill the foods and you take away the People's  medicine, and that forces the population to use pharmaceuticals  instead.


The FDA, for its part, has for many decades conducted its natural  medicine censorship campaign, whose only purpose is to deny the People  access to accurate information about the healing properties of natural  medicines found in foods and herbs. But apparently that wasn't enough:  The Internet came along and people found a way to educate themselves.  So since the FDA couldn't keep the truth about natural medicine bottled  up and censored, the government has now apparently decided to just  sterilize all the foods, thereby destroying the natural medicine and  transforming Mother Nature's gifts into dead calories.


The USDA's decisions here are not based on public safety, folks.  They're based on corporate greed. Just look at how they handled the raw  almond controversy in these related articles:


The USDA as operated today is a front group for wealthy corporations.  It is not interested in helping the People. It's interested in  protecting the profits of corporations... even if that means destroying  the food supply and turning the population into "dead eaters" who die  from other diseases caused by the lack of phytonutrient protection.


How you can help stop this latest atrocity against our food supply


What can you do to stop this? Be prepared to fight irradiation plans  with a massive outcry that demands our food supply be protected from  radiation. There are two things that need to be accomplished, and of  course the USDA and FDA oppose them both:


1) Require the labeling of all irradiated foods with a large  "Irradiated" label or sticker.


2) Block any attempts to mandate the irradiation of fresh produce.


Stay tuned to for more on this story. We'll be joining  with other pro-consumer groups (like the Organic Consumers Association)  to rally our readers in opposition to this food irradiation effort.


I believe we must keep our food supply fresh and alive. (Sounds kinda  obvious, huh?) And if there's a little extra bacteria on the spinach,  it's nothing that a healthy body can't handle anyway. Take some  probiotics and avoid antibiotics, and you'll be just fine. E. Coli is  really only a threat to the health of individuals who have had their  immune systems (or intestinal flora) destroyed by pharmaceuticals in  the first place. There's nothing wrong with some living organisms in  your milk, on your almonds or on your spinach. Wash your food, get  plenty of sunlight and avoid using antibiotics.


The human body is NOT a sterile environment. To try to make our food  supply sterile is insane, and anyone who supports the irradiation of  the food supply is, in my opinion, supporting a policy of genocide  against the American people. To destroy the vitality of the food supply  is a criminal act of such immense evil that it stands alongside the  worst crimes ever committed against humanity.


You see, it's not enough for them to poison our water (fluoride),  poison our children (vaccines) and lie to us about the sun (skin cancer  scare stories). Now they want to destroy our foods... and thereby take  away any natural medicine options that might actually keep people  healthy and free. Remember: A diseased population is an enslaved  population.


Now go eat your Big Mac, drink your Pepsi and don't ask too many  questions.


Ralph Nader is the TRUE People's vs Corporations Candidate:

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