A Holistic Common Sense Structure for the Liberation of All without War Through the New Foundation for the New World Vision

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A New World in This Generation
 for the Next 7 Generations

The Planetization Structure, Blueprint and Plan Provides
 the New Coordinates and Scaffold to Change the World




"Diversity is not division. Diversity is an awareness of the human family returning to unity at the end of a long and tortuous journey, celebrating its products of division while embracing its single origin and destiny. Demand a common vision for peace now":
  Brian Bogart


Inner or Outer Transformation to World Change?

Ask the Question:



Is it possible to busy ourselves with personal transformation, as individuals and as groups when we know the other half of the world cannot because their basic needs as human beings are not being met, which are clean water, food, clothing and shelter?


The basic premise of personal transformation is to connect us to our inner spirituality, which has its connection to Source, which is Love.  Love is the expression of compassion and compassion is what makes us human.  Therefore, we find, without our humanity we cannot, to say the least, fully engage our inner spirituality.  Humanity needs spirituality just as much as spirituality needs humanity. 


The Planetization work is about our Humanity sourced in spirituality.  It is a macro concept to do with public, not personal transformation.  It seeks to touch a resonant chord in all (regardless of what level of the evolutionary scale we are on) so that we may make a conscious choice and take responsibility for the harm that is happening both in the world and on the Planet.  It is far too long that the powers of greed, control and fear have had sway on the Planet.  Personal transformation within this context is fine, but with weapons and technology becoming ever deadlier to the human race on a global scale, is it not time to take back our destiny as a collective from those who wish to own and essentially destroy it as we let their ignorance and sheer idiocy rule the world?  Indeed, Martin Luther King Jr, said:  "Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity"




Planetization is the umbrella structure to fill in the final missing piece to the puzzle that can draw in the efforts of all who have been working long and hard for a humane and just world for all beings on the Planet and the Planet itself.  In its scope and inclusiveness there is an opportunity to build a movement on truth on a SOUND foundation so that the dreams and aspirations of all who are involved in and doing the process of helping to transform others can flourish in a world that is now consonant with the One Law within us all that harms none.  With that sound foundation to the world a dichotomy no longer exists between the haves and the have nots, between those who can personally transform and those who cannot because their basic needs as human beings have not been met because of the intentional unjust design of the world.  It is now in our power, through coming together in the cohesive structure of the Planetization creation to both DO and UNDO in one fell swoop (if Humanity desires or the Universe bids) a new and just creation on the Planet that is good to all without the violence and harm of War.




Parallel Wars are Not Acceptable to Humanity's Growth, i.e. Happiness


The Planetization response is the understanding and conscious consent to a common sense re-organization and subsequent re-orientation of the world structure that is in line with the evolution of Humanity.  At the same time, it changes the materialist global paradigm of “us and them” in our "warring nation-states” to that of the spiritual unity of the Human Family.  Once we see that through Planetization and proceed to build the true foundation and basis to build peace and justice where there are no more hideous wars and suffering of the Human Race, we are free to engage people to remedy the errors that the powers have foisted on us.  At that point, we, of like minds and hearts that resonate beyond all borders to a world free of war from all ends of the Planet have created a world-wide movement/consensus to walk the path that is being made by many, be they good, compassionate, humane or spiritually enlightened souls without the continuing and ongoing death, suffering and repercussions around us.  Further, and most importantly, so we cannot fall back to repeat history, we have caught and grounded the world consensus of a just and humane world in a concrete institution that the Planetization work builds and responds to through the uptake of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness for all as it had been laid down for us in all the Revolutions and Rights of Man before.




Closing the Gap between the Have and the Have Nots


Planetization activism is not an amorphous entity like the Planetization process, but has a beginning, middle and end for the fulfilment and satisfaction of results-oriented activism.  Its end goal is the construct of a true People's building for the right vision and foundation which allows all human beings everywhere to have the opportunity to evolve because their basic needs for clean water, food, clothing and shelter are now being met which will then allow them (through Maslow’s pyramid of needs) to have their value needs met which is education and self actualization.  The latter, self actualization, is embodied in the notion of “all that we can be” and is what we find in the process of personal transformation.  To complete the loop of personal transformation is social-spiritual activism which carries the truth:  “Do unto others as we would like done to ourselves.”   The completion of the loop allows an opening for mass enlightenment on the Planet where:


1)  all human beings can now personally transform because their basic needs are being met;




2)  the masculine/assertive activism meets the feminine/receptive/personal transformative process creating a “new thing”:  an enlightened leap into the world we all desirethus fulfilling the basic spiritual need that what we want for ourselves, we want for others.




The website fully supports all paths of personal transformation as they spark people off in a different way of thinking, out of the matrix-bound world.  The website’s social-spiritual activism is not mutually exclusive.  We gain our strength for world change by being mutually inclusive of both the outer and inner activism.  For the world to complete both must exist as both support the other.  The outer can stand on its own, but the inner cannot as the outer environment of the Planet is being destroyed.  Think about it.  We must have a viable Planet first, now and in the future to allow any self-expression.


Planetization is not only a global consensus for a viable Planet, but as a stand and a command to meet the  basic needs of all human beings.  At the same time, the consensus and movement is being built to be engaged as a global platform for ideas on personal and planetary transformation.  If you have a solution to a world problem, as David Roblee has here, then use and promote the work of as a leverage for your own, so that you can gain, in the desire for world change, the opportunity to reach many more people now and when the Convention of the Turn of the Ages presents itself. 




At the same time, in the unifying structure of Planetization you are forming, on the macro level, a global Roundtable that will head us toward a Planetary Convention of like minds and hearts across all our nations and borders that are ready to put in a world-wide system of the Roundtable edict:  “In serving each other we become free”.  There are many things we must wake up to on the Planet, including the truth of September 11, but the final thing we must wake up to is that we all live in a system built for war.  It’s not that we must end "this war or that war", we must END THE SYSTEM that creates and generates the wars.  It is a much larger choice for the individual than to simply vote out a party, or for this person or that person, for they are all beholden to the same global system of war.



Ultimately, it is a deep personal choice that zeroes into your conscience:  "Can I exist in a world where my basic needs a being met and other’s aren’t?"  "Am I responsible for my fellow human beings?"  Any responsible human being would say yes, and any spiritual person engaged in personal transformation would say yes.  The ultimate truth then, when I vote or don’t vote for this party or that party, or this person or that person, I allow, by both consent and default, the war system to continue.  Is it not time for a response to close the gap between the have and the have nots, between personal transformation and world transformation?  The important question is, right NOW, in the NOW moment is what does your conscience say?  Can we say in ignoring the other half of the world in a system we let be to do its ruin, we are committing a collective suicide?


A beautiful and powerful way to start our Planetization-Soulutions section in “Linked Partnerships-Hearts” of Planet Warriors is from Alaska, in a place called the North Pole, which is said to be the crown chakra of the Earth.  Who cannot think otherwise after seeing the below, breathtaking picture:


Sunset and Moonrise simultaneously at the North Pole


"I am writing today to tell you that I am agreeing to further principles, insights, and recommendations in my end of the world in hopes that all peoples can come together and engage rational, sensical, sane economic reform away and out of the luciferian monied matrix of this money manifested hell on earth inc that many believe, for whatever reason, is the human condition. What many fail to realize is that the human condition is in fact the human conditionING of humanity by luciferian lovers of money that view themselves as the conditioners/educators/brainwashers/indoctrinators of humanity for their benefit of at the expense of those being conditioned. The controllers megalomaniacally proclaim that they are doing God’s work when in reality they are doing the work of lucifer.

"You now know that I am a proponent of simple solutions through simple thinking in order to distil wide ranging opinions into a core concept based on attaining freedom for all peoples worldwide. I believe that in order to attain freedom from what is happening in plain sight we could either push hard and tout the benefits of viable simple economic reform worldwide and put aside for the time being the problems, or forget about economic reform and focus solely on exposing those that work to keep humanity enslaved to their monied agenda. A third option would be to continue to do what each of us does and trust Source/Creator/God/Allah/IAM/etc to sort out the details. As for me, I would and do agree to a mix of all three options. What is your take?"


David Roblee, North Pole Alaska




IMAGINE a planet-wide system built for PERPETUAL PEACE, and no longer for PERPETUAL WAR

PLANETIZATION is that system


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