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 The Continual Menace to Humanity

Ethnic Cleansers


In the past week the so-called Chief Rabbi of the so-called State of "Israel", Yona Metzger, has made vicious and provocative statements asserting that the Palestinians living in Gaza should be moved from their homes into the Sinai desert.


War Mongers


In all the media coverage of this event, it was hinted that possibly an anchor from a ship was the guilty culprit. However, shortly thereafter Egypt released a statement to the effect that video footage of the area where the cuts took place showed no surface ship activity for the previous 12 hours and added that these particular lanes are closed to maritime traffic for the express reason of avoiding damage to the cables. Interestingly, none of the stories covering this event mentioned (or even hinted, for that matter) the words ‘foul play’, and this in an age where everything from global warming to bad breath is blamed on Osama Bin Laden and his merry band of Islamic militants


The Instigators and Pushers of Lies and Deception


Pushing "Perpetual War" Reality through Lies in the Military:

In a news release, the council noted that the three made “bigoted and inaccurate” statements about Islam and Muslims, and that they told one California university audience that Americans need to “wake up to the dangerous realities of the Islamic faith.”

Pushing "Perpetual War" Reality through Lies in Society:


Pushing Hate and Fear for a New Holocaust!


Pushing Social Conditioning through Movies and other Medium and Events:

The Long Ago Planned War to Turn Humanity on Itself


More in Comprehending the "Israel-Zionist-Neocon" Troika:







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