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More to Mumbai Attack Than Meets the Eye

Jeff Tanzer

The significance of the Mumbai attack in India is not lost on this observer. The continuing attacks launched by the U.S. across the Afghan border, primarily against the Pakistani civilian population, are violent acts of revelatory importance.

Readers may recall President-elect Barack Obama's vow to eliminate Osama bin Laden and his merry band of terrorists, going right into Pakistan to do it. This means a further elevation in the "War on Terror" the very same program that has wrought misery upon millions in Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia, Afghanistan and places we do not even hear about.

The War on Terror has turned our military into a trans-corporate invading police force, instead of an honorable institution bound and guided by the Constitution in defense of our nation.

What purpose did the attack in Mumbai serve and who is truly behind such an event? By creating tension between nuclear rivals India and Pakistan, the chances of a major conflict between the two countries will certainly become a reality.

India being the local "superpower" serves as a desirable proxy army to help remake Pakistan. Splitting Pakistan into different provinces is a scenario desired by Obama's foreign policy adviser and Trilateralist Zbigniew Brzezinski. Israel is also another proxy interested in Pakistan's demise.

Having an attack in Mumbai serves many purposes. This attack may draw India into a protracted battle with Pakistan and give the Obama administration the excuse it needs to pursue the "enemy" across the Afghan border, especially if there is another attack in the U.S. that can be conveniently blamed on the enemy of choice, which may very well be Pakistan. This will provide the impetus to escalate the fraudulent "War on Terror" and justification for a continuing and multiplying U.S. presence in the region.

Once again we are witnessing the power elites' global objectives of a singular global corporate monopoly better known as the New World Order. The grand scheme is to take down and assimilate Russia and China.

What better way to achieve this than the strategy of divide-and-conquer? After our recent debacles in Iraq and Afghanistan, our military is far from the formidable force that would be needed to take on such an ambitious project. By using the tried-and-true methods of false-flag terror, the desirable result of bringing one's perceived enemies to blows is achieved.

Controlling the world is not a new idea. Empires are created by the ruling plutocrats whose lust for power overshadows their lust for material wealth. Do we not see the destruction of our own nation at the hands of these oligarchic thieves? Have we not watched as our constitutional foundation has been slowly and methodically replaced with a totalitarian structure? Equality is not on the agenda for those who wish to rule the world. What you and I consider "freedom" will not be tolerated under a singular world dictatorship.

These acts of "terror" that we are witnessing today are the tools of the world's most powerful societies such as the Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberger Consortium, whose presence is well known, but whose objectives are kept secret. These groups represent the most powerful of the monied interests on earth. Through their policy-making, which can be read in their publication, Foreign Affairs, you may read the outline of their goals 10 to 20 years before these events actually take form.

Is our financial debacle some kind of a happenstance? Certainly not. It is a controlled demolition of our ability to be debt-free. Our financial institutions under the Federal Reserve are an affront to the heart of our Constitution.

This is the method being used to bring us into subservience and to pay for the games of the mighty and the wealthy.

The American people have yet to understand these facts which are quite visible to the naked eye.

Mumbai is another shining example of the lessons we are not being taught. Unless we are armed with an honest viewpoint and media reporting, few will ever know the motivating factors behind events that are destroying the soul of humanity.



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