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A New World in This Generation
 for the Next 7 Generations

The Planetization Structure, Blueprint and Plan  Provides
 the New Coordinates and Scaffold to Change the World

"The Demonic Destructive  Suction Tube"
 Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr, "Beyond Vietnam"

All We Need is a bit more Sun (Light) to Make
 this Thing Shrivel Up



For a Nation and a World that Does not Re-Evaluate War:

"I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones" Albert Einstein


The Nation (and the world) would best be served if the Pentagon was transformed into a model shelter and education facility with full medical treatment available for the Nation's growing homeless instead of an armed and dangerous brainwashing institution:


No Separation of "Church" and the Military * The Rabid Crusaders * Offering Up the Fifth Fleet for War *Christian Evangelicals Persecuting U.S. Soldiers


The Pentagon:  A Bank for Thieves, Liars and War Criminals

The Pentagon's $1 Trillion Problem:


The Defense Department has spent billions to fix its antiquated financial systems. So why does the Pentagon still have no idea where its money goes?


Dov Zakheim


PENTAGORGON – The Thing Behind the Curtain


When we trace back all armed conflicts in the world, we find they emanate from the Pentagon.  If we know where all the evil exists, where the Lord of Darkness itself has its home, then why let the structure exist?


For a thing that sucks up the life blood of its citizens and their country, generation to generation to generation, it sure is out of place (like alien) in a land whose Founding Documents explicitly expressed the concern of the evil of "standing armies" on a foundation of non-interventionism (alliances for war and meddling in other countries was not part of its principles).


$120 Billion Budget Boost for Pentagon


The Pentagon Cannot Account for $2.3 TRILLION


In fairness, he said they couldn't track it, which sounds to me like "We started with this pile of cash, and now we have this pile of stuff, and we don't really know how much cash was spent on how much stuff," but not "Um. We lost $2.3 trillion. No clue where it went." Because corruption can only go so far -- there are logistical limits to bribe-fuelled debauchery.




Institutionalized Gun Running and War Lunacy:




Militarism = Destructive Capitalism and Tyranny


Armies are Simply Instruments for the "Lousy Bankers":  Major General Smedley Butler


War is a Racket” is a work by the former U.S. Marine Major General Smedley Butler, who, in 1935 discusses how business interests drive warfare and profits from mass human suffering.


And the Same Lousy Bankers are the Ones Who Like to Create the Reality for the World as Such, with "Intelligence" Agencies as their Plaything:


"The secret history of the world was his pastime. His great pleasure was to contrast the hidden motive, with the public pretext, of transactions." ("Coningsby" pp. 218-219)


Weapons Companies and Supporters Own the News

The Lock Up of Government, Military and the Media Follows:


With Media Becoming Pure Deception for Controlling and Shaping Public Opinion, (i.e. for Those who are Easily Duped):

(1) There is never any mention of oil in these accounts. Both the media and most members of Congress are pretending that the US government’s preoccupation with Iraq has nothing to do with fossil energy reserves; but most people in the US know that were it not for oil, the US government would have little interest in the region or its people. We do not believe that continuing the US addiction to oil (five percent of the world’s population consuming 25% of its oil) is a valid reason to bomb and invade other nations and engage in wars of aggression.

(2) Media and Congressional accounts of the war almost always suggest that the war in Iraq – however “flawed” – is part of something called the Global War on Terrorism. But there can be no such thing as a war on a tactic, so we have to ask ourselves if this is not just another one-size-fits-all pretext for future military adventures. Iraq is not now nor has it ever been a threat to the security of people in the United States.

The Deceptive Realities Produce War Nuts:

"There will be no peace. At any given moment for the rest of our lifetimes, there will be multiple conflicts in mutating forms around the globe. Violent conflict will dominate the headlines, but cultural and economic struggles will be steadier and ultimately more decisive. The de facto role of the US armed forces will be to keep the world safe for our economy and open to our cultural assault. To those ends, we will do a fair amount of killing."

Which Turn Intelligent Military Men into Peace Men:

US Air Force General Lee Butler

Once heavily involved in the work and an avid supporter of “Nuclear Deterrence”, Retired US Air Force General Lee Butler unravels “In Beyond the Madness,” the psychosis of “mutually assured destruction (MAD).  He concludes in an address at the National Press Club in February 1998 that we must end the nuclear era through the moral imperative of the action:  "It is time to reassert the primacy of individual conscience, the voice of reason, and the rightful interests of humanity" 





The Purpose of the Pentagon is for Simply War-Making and Creating

Pentagon Caught Red-Handed Trying To Frame Iran: 

Make Sense?

Jackson Brown's "Lives in the Balance"

War No More

Torture Deceit:  What "Is" Is


And We Want it to Spread: 


To justify torture and abuse in the "global war on terrorism" (gwot) the government narrowly defined torture and argued that the prohibition against cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment does not apply outside the United States. 


How to Get a War, Reichmarshall Hermann Goering Style.  Remember, he said  people don't choose to go to war, but they can be dragged along into it through lies and deceit.

The Man Who Sold the War 

Meet John Rendon, Bush's general in the propaganda war

Planting False Stories


And Institutionalizing them Through Academia and Science 

Waging Wars through Lies


The False Messiah


There is a reason why Carl Rove is the most important person in the administration. He is the public relations expert in charge of crafting the images. So you can drive through the domestic agendas, carry out the international policies by frightening people and creating the impression that a powerful leader is going to save you from imminent destruction. The Times virtually says it because it's very hard to keep hidden. It is second nature.

The Semen of the False Messiah:  The Black Hearts of Blackwater

The Imaginary Enemy


By Chris Floyd

Pentagon documents unearthed by the Washington Post this April revealed that the elevation of Zarqawi's profile was a deliberate, multimillion-dollar propaganda campaign aimed at the American people to foment the lie that the insurgency was largely an al Qaeda terrorist operation, not a native rebellion against the occupation.


Lust for War


Terror Ops Underway in Iran  :

Despite the Bush Administration's adamant and continual denunciation of terrorism, the Department of Defense--under Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld's orders--is using a terrorist organization to orchestrate attacks and collect intelligence inside Iran, according to numerous former and current military, intelligence, administration, and United Nations officials. 


How the Pentagon Planted a False Story on Iran
By Gareth Porter



Continual Search for Cannon Fodder – Get ‘em Young


Government Increasingly Turning to Data Mining:

The Pentagon pays a private company to compile data on teenagers it can recruit to the military.


Wake Up Soldier, Your Soul is Being Destroyed

'Semper Fidelis' and Brainwashed

The Body and Soul Snatcher
Parading as America and Representing as the American People


But the True American really says:


"There is a deeper truth expressed in the unity of the United States. Implicate in the union of our country is the union of all people. All people are essentially one. The world is interconnected not only on the material level of economics, trade, communication, and transportation, but interconnected through human consciousness, through the human heart, through the heart of the world, through the simply expressed impulse and yearning to be and to breathe free” – Dennis Kucinich, American Presidential Contender, 2004


Like the 17 founding families of Peaceful Tomorrows, it is time to transcend the belligerent imperialism of Old Guard America that is prepared to ravage the whole of earth in order to foster, for its spoilt elite, a lifestyle of careless opulence. The promise of globalisation is a shared destiny of nations working together to minimise conflict and poverty, restore ecosystems, reduce emissions, ban arms trafficking and thrash out an evolving agenda of ethics and fairness to which all can be a party, especially the strong. Its deeper meaning is a belated awareness that we are all connected - and connected in a deeper way than the choice of being with America or against America, of being a target market, or a target.


Penta (Pent Up) Fascism 


So now the country has moved from the Cold War Scam to the Terrorism War Scam (and more, MUCH MORE) 


John Pilger: 'War by Media':

What should journalists do? I mean, journalists who give a damn? They need to act now. Governments fear good journalists. The reason the Pentagon spends millions of dollars on PR, or "perception management" companies that try to bend the news is because it fears truth tellers, just as Stalinist governments feared them. 


Documents suggest Pentagon lied about Cheney's role in awarding no-bid contract to Halliburton:

Newly-released government documents indicate the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) may have publicly lied about Vice President Dick Cheney's role in awarding a $7 billion no-bid Iraqi oil reconstruction contract to Halliburton in the weeks preceding the March 2003 invasion, the conservative activist group Judicial Watch disclosed today.


Is Permanent Warfare Right for the World and Into the Future?

One reason Washington finds it so attractive is that it fits closely with the ideologies of permanent war that underpin the "war on terror". What better in that war than an army of robot warriors, permanently cruising those parts of the globe deemed to be "supporting terrorism"? And what a boon if they destroy "targets" all on their own, with not a single US soldier at risk. Even more seductively, this could all take place out of sight of the capricious western media.

Already there are killing machines operating by remote control. Soon the machines will be able to kill on their own initiative. A new warfare is on its way.

A Step into the Dark Ages - Should Secret Agencies Still Exist in the World?Nasty Things Do Grow in the Dark


.... and It's Infectious


EU, US "Partners" on CIA Flights: Amnesty :

Amnesty International urged European states on Wednesday to stop being ``partners in crime'' with the United States over the alleged kidnapping of terrorism suspects and their transfer to countries that use torture.


When Bad Men Build Jails:

DAVID Hicks is being subjected to sensory deprivation having been returned to solitary confinement in a concrete cell after previously surviving 244 nights and days without sunlight or human contact. This is in clear violation of the third Geneva Convention


Top Secret:  Detention Centers are Really Brain Washing-Torture Facilities -- but when there aren't enough prospects in the pool whose mental health we have wrecked, we'll use the mentally vulnerable or disturbed outside the pool to program the nation's "fear" thermometer and our orchestrated global war on the mass of Humanity


Question to your Humanity:  What sort of depravity tortures a mentally sick person, and then sets the nation's panic alarm bells off on the "information" obtained from not only a mentally sick person but one who is under torture?


The Nazi Doctors of a Sadistic Regime

An Oath Betrayed :

It is a harrowing documentation of how the military medical profession has been corrupted by the Bush-Rumsfeld interrogation rules.,8816,1207633,00.html

Guantanamo medics similar to doctors who abetted Biko death: Lancet letter


From September 11 to Gitmo Bodies -- How to "Empty Out" Evidence

Yemen: Gitmo detainee's body emptied prior to repatriation:

Najeeb Ghanem, former Minister of Health, declared that Salah Addin's body was emptied of all that could provide information about his death, including his blood vessels, bowels, brain, heart and liver, which he alleged U.S. specialists intentionally removed.


Should Tax Dollars Continue to Criminally Destroy Whole Countries?

Forty eight blood soaked months later, what exactly has been accomplished?  Draft Dodger in Chief, landed on aircraft carrier USS Lincoln & declared: 'mission accomplished'

"Bush Has Destroyed Iraq and America" by Paul Craig Roberts

Captains, majors, and lieutenant colonels are frustrated with the political cowardice of their general officers and are leaving the service in droves. The Army is trying to improve retention by offering $20,000 cash payments to the officers ­ another stupid Bush administration policy as any officer who sells his soul is demoralized.

Should the World's Most Dangerous Weapons be in the Hands of the Most Dangerous Extremists?


The Crusaders:  "The Christian Taliban is Running the Department of Defense" By Robert Koehler 

Can you imagine a contingent of religious zealots, with their contempt for secular values (and such manifestations of secular order as the U.S. Constitution) - and with their zest for holy war - in control of the most potent fighting force and weaponry in human history? Is this possible?

Linking Private War Contractor Profits with Warmaking

Onward Christian Soldiers......

Moral Picture:  Believe Nothing Coming Out of that Wicked Structure of the East


When Dorothy first arrives in Oz, her house falls on and kills the Wicked Witch of the East. After Dorothy has some conversation with the Munchkins and the good Witch of the North, they noticed that "the feet of the dead Witch had disappeared entirely and nothing was left but the [ruby red] shoes." The Witch of the North explains that "She was so old that she dried up quickly in the sun."

 Suspending the Pentagon


In his Farewell Address in 17 January 1961, General Dwight D. Eisenhower alerted citizens of the growing menace of the Military-Industrial complex and instead, urged and encouraged citizens to choose the better track for Humanity and the world:


"We pray that peoples of all faiths, all races, all nations, may have their great human needs satisfied; that those now denied opportunity shall come to enjoy it to the full; that all who yearn for freedom may experience its spiritual blessings; that those who have freedom will understand, also, its heavy responsibilities; that all who are insensitive to the needs of others will learn charity; that the scourges of poverty, disease and ignorance will be made to disappear from the Earth, and that, in the goodness of time, all peoples will come to live together in a peace guaranteed by the binding force of mutual respect and love."


Planetization is that other Global House.  Choose it.


The Planetization House
A Proactive Global Vision
so that we can "turn this thing around" Ted Turner

"Diversity is not division. Diversity is an awareness of the human family returning to unity at the end of a long and tortuous journey, celebrating its products of division while embracing its single origin and destiny. Demand a common vision for peace now":


Brian Bogart -- "The Pentagon is Killing Us"


Anthrax:  Mad Pentagon Turns on Its Own People

The Battered Wrecks Returning from Iraq say, "War is A Soulless Void"


"War would end if the dead could return"   Stanley Baldwin



IMAGINE a planet-wide system built for PERPETUAL PEACE, and no longer for PERPETUAL WAR

PLANETIZATION is that system


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