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Pigs of War Plain and Simple

The "Two Party System" is Really the One War Party with Two Branches

It's about time we cleared our eyes of the fog of an alleged "two party system" and truly, deep in our bones, realized that, when it comes to war-funding and foreign policy, the U.S. has only one War Party, with two branches (to paraphrase Gore Vidal). ....


Halliburton and Blackwater Raping the Treasury

"Every 10 minutes an Iraqi civilian is injured or killed in a war that George Bush says will not end until he leaves office. Every 10 hours an American soldier is killed in a war that George Bush says will not end until he leaves office. Every 10 days $2 billion is removed from the U.S. Treasury and placed in the accounts of Halliburton, Blackwater and all other war profiteers that are getting rich off the misery of Iraqis and Americans by a government that will continue to remove those amounts or more every ten days as long as George Bush is President of the United States" (from Sally B. Davidson at Veterans for Peace, NY).

The Commander-in-Thief

"In no way can we afford another front in George's Global War of Terror. With our federal deficit at record highs, we can't afford it monetarily. With our armed forces past the breaking point, we can't afford it militarily. With many internal social systems and infrastructure systems crumbling, we can't afford it as a suffering nation. With babies and other innocents being killed in our names already, we can't afford it in our souls. An invasion of Iran would not be a "cakewalk" even more profoundly than the invasion of Iraq was not. We would lose more of our flesh and blood for the lies of BushCo and to profit the pigs of war."


The unasked question is: What is the real reason the Bush Regime is so determined to attack Iran?  We now know for certain that the reason has nothing whatsoever to do with Iranian nukes any more than the US invasion of Iraq had to do with Iraqi nukes.  What is the real reason that is driving the Bush Regime to seek to overthrow with military invasions the only Middle Eastern states that are not US puppets or dependents?

Until we have the answer to this question, we cannot know why the Bush regime wasted two administrations and $1 trillion at the minimum in order to kill and maim civilians in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Bush’s insane wars have seen the US dollar plummet in value, the price of oil skyrocket, American’s soft power destroyed, and the hardening of opposition to the US worldwide.

What has been gained by these extraordinary sacrifices?

How can the American people and their representatives in the two parties in Congress tolerate a criminal executive branch that uses lies and deceit to lead them into illegal wars for secret reasons?

Greed Beyond All Belief

Israel, according to intercepted conversations by the Pentagon (and now circulating in Washington) is prepared to fight to the last American life. And those who mourn the young American dead and mangled soldiers in Iraq do not need to look at the manic and deluded White House but to Tel Aviv who killed and maimed their sons, brothers, fathers and husbands.


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