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The Worst Anti-Semites Are Zionists

by Henry Makow Ph.D. – November 27, 2007

"Oh, my people ! They who guide you lead you astray." (Isaiah 3:12)

The worst anti-Semites are Zionists who create anti-Semitism and use it to dupe and coerce Jews into advancing the Illuminati bankers' plan for world government dictatorship. 

In the past, I have argued that Zionism is a protection racket <> and conspiracy against Jews. Today, I will suggest they have suppressed normal Jewish cultural/spiritual expression and hijacked the Jewish people to serve their perverted cause. 

Before Zionists took over the US government, they took over the American Jewish community and made it their instrument. 

Henry Hurwitz's <> "Menorah Journal" and Menorah Societies were an attempt by American Jewry to see itself culturally and spiritually as an end in itself, rather than a means to serve and support the "Jewish homeland." Zionists suppressed this free and democratic group, in the same way as they are depriving all Americans of their political and cultural freedom. 


Henry Hurwitz started the first Menorah Society at Harvard University in 1906 and "The Menorah Journal" in 1915. The Menorah movement stood "for the study and advancement of Jewish culture and ideals in America." By the end of the First World War, the movement had expanded to include the Intercollegiate Menorah Association, Summer School, Education Conference and Board of Lecturers. 

Essentially the movement fostered non-dogmatic non-political study of Jewish history, spirit and culture. It was open to different points of view and initially received support from the central bankers. But when Hurwitz insisted that Judaism had nothing to do with Zionism, and Jews ought to feel perfectly at home in America, the bankers froze the Menorah movement's charitable funding. 

In 1958, Hurwitz wrote a friend, "We have had more than one coy proposal from this and that wealthy organization to take us over. Our financial problems would then be 'solved.'And our freedom—that is, our true life—dissolved." (Menuhin, The Decadence of Judaism in Our Time, 1965. p.366) 

In the Autumn-Winter 1959 issue of the "Menorah Journal," Hurwitz describes the effect of "bigotry" i.e. Zionist banker control of organized Jewry. 

"This bigotry strikes beyond one old established independent organization and its magazine, which have perhaps rendered some service to Judaism through more than half a century. This bigotry poisons the air of Jewish communal life in America. It tries to suppress...the basic American principles of free speech and free press. It penalizes honest analysis [of those] who control the Jewish public tax-exempt philanthropic funds, and hence have the power to enrich favorite organizations, while starving others that do not bend the knees...Thus, they actually hinder here a rational long-view consideration of the best interests of the people of Israel themselves. 

"Moreover, as is well known, a very large proportion of the supposedly voluntary philanthropic donations are extracted from business and professional men on threats of punitive economic and social sanctions. This must be described as what it is—a species of terrorism. Such terrorism has become a most effective technique in large Jewish fund raising." (Menuhin, p. 367) 

Unfortunately the Menorah movement died with its founder in 1961. Its work was partly continued by the American Council for Judaism <> , under its dynamic founder Rabbi Elmer Berger (1908-1996.) In 1965, Moshe Menuhin characterized American Jewish life in the following terms: 

"Today in America, Jewish culture and even Jewish religion has degenerated into 'Jewish' nationalism, and Jewish philanthropists, Jewish schools, Jewish segregated services, have been all subverted (with a few noble exceptions) into serving...the up building of the 'Jewish homeland'...(468) 

(A measure of this: Moshe Menuhin had to self-publish his book.) 


My guess is that American Jewry is about evenly divided <> : half is alienated from all things Jewish; half is under the control of organized Jewry, i.e. the central banking cartel. This cartel, synonymous with the name Rothschild, is behind all major wars <> and depressions of the past 300 years, behind Communism, Fascism and the Holocaust, behind 9-11 and the bogus war on terror. Nothing in this world happens without money and they control government credit. 

They need to enslave us to protect this world monopoly. Their goal is to remake mankind into a slave race by destroying the basis of our humanity: nationhood, religion (God), race and family. 

This enemy sits at the heart of our political, financial and cultural life. It has co-opted all groups in the same way as it has co-opted Jews. However, organized Jewry is leading the assault on our freedom. The Masonic B'nai Brith <> is behind the "hate speech" legislation and Bill S 1959 <> which would treat their political opponents as if they were "anti-Semites" and "terrorists." 

The bankers are the real terrorists. They organized 9-11 using the secret services and they are behind "Al Queda." They may be planning another world war <> starting with a conflagration between Israel and Iran. 

They are also the real anti-Semites. They have sacrificed Jews to their agenda before (Communism, Nazism, Zionism) and will do so again. All Jews will be blamed for the New World Order, even though half are indifferent, and the other half are willing dupes. 

While I was writing this article, I got an email from a reader who said he had just given a Jewish friend "Hell." 

"I don't know if this means anything but I'm tired of feeling powerless to all these bastards and if I can make them eat some of their own shit...good. I also told him that Jews aren't stupid and if we had quit giving money to Israel 30 yrs ago there may be peace over there.." 

It's time that Jews realized that anti-Semitism is caused by the bankers' megalomanical agenda and is used to implicate and blame ordinary Jews. The bankers hate real Jews and real Judaism. They would never have created Israel if it were just a "Jewish homeland." It is their private fiefdom, army and nuclear arsenal, part of their agenda for world government and world war. Jews are just pawns in their game. 

It's time ordinary Jews stopped defending the bankers (which confirms everyone's worst suspicions.) It's time we took Henry Hurwitz's example, and stood shoulder-to- shoulder with our fellow Americans in the fight of our lives. 

Henry Makow Ph.D. is the author of "Cruel Hoax: Feminism and the New World Order." ( <> ) His articles can be found at his web site <>  He enjoys receiving comments, some of which he posts on his site using first names only. 


The Zionist Subversion of America (and Other Western Democracies)


TBR – December 6, 2007

“Some things of interest, perhaps. Is there blame to assess over the failed war in Iraq? Is this futile and destructive struggle the fault of a mentally defective President, egged on by a vicious and unbalance Vice President? 

The recent revelation by the U.S. intelligence community that Iran, often put forward by Bush and Cheney as planning to attack everyone with atomic bombs, has been revealed to be utterly false. In spite of these revelations, Bush continues to mumble and rant about his determination to attack Iran. There is an interesting, and frightening, background to all of this non-stop lying and it is not the weak character of George Bush or the manic viciousness of Dick Cheney. 

The Pentagon has long been outraged at the piecemeal destruction of both the U.S. Army and the Marine Corps in the meat grinder that Iraq has become. They know who the real culprits are because they have identified them and been reading their top secret messages for two years now. 

Are they listening to the White House? No, they are watching Israel like a hawk, reading their top secret diplomatic and military traffic, getting reports almost daily from U.S. intelligence personnel stationed in Israel and they have long ago extended their surveillance to the Israeli diplomatic messaging. 

From this, they have built up a massive dossier that shows very clearly that the driving force behind the Iraq invasion and now, the frenzy to attack Iran is purely Israeli. 

That country has so subverted our official institutions with money as the carrot and attacks by their almost complete control of the American print and television media as the stick. Israel has used the neo-cons to put forward Israel’s needs to Bush…who listens raptly and obeys without question. 

They hated Saddam Hussein because he dared to fire rockets into Israel during the Gulf War and they suggested that if American forces destroyed their enemy, we could all share in the revenues from Iraqi oil. That this plan collapsed is certain but most Americans do not know that the so-called “Yellowcake uranium” story upon which Bush based his war was a pure Israeli invention. 

Now, with even the possibility that Iran might be working on an atomic bomb, a bomb which would certainly be used against Israel, that country has doubled and redoubled its clandestine efforts to push America into pulling their chestnuts out of the Mideast fire. 

Israel, according to intercepted conversations by the Pentagon (and now circulating in Washington) is prepared to fight to the last American life. And those who mourn the young American dead and mangled soldiers in Iraq do not need to look at the manic and deluded White House but to Tel Aviv who killed and maimed their sons, brothers, fathers and husbands. 

In a very true sense, the leaking of the report on the halt in the Iranian atomic development program was a form of very high level mutiny on the part of Bush’s military high command. This was not any kind of an error but a deliberate and hopefully successful, plan to force the United States away from blind obedience to Israel’s murderous wishes. 

Bush made no objections when the Israeli government told him they were going to flatten Beirut and they quickly resupplied the IDF with more cluster bombs whose sole purpose was to kill civilians. When Hezbollah struck back, rocketing sacred Israel and doing terrible damage to the IDF, Israel demanded that Bush send American troops to help them kill more Arabs. Bush could not because, thanks to Israeli demands, our troops were pinned down in a vicious guerrilla war in Iraq. Now, we see that Israel is livid with rage because of the revelations of the American intelligence community and are bending every effort to get their co-religionists in America to continue to demand American military action against Iran. 

In the long view, it would be better if we threw out the neocons, most of whom are Israeli citizens, stopped all military aid to that instigator of death and destruction, disbanded the AIPAC organization, and warned the American media that this is the United States, not Israel, and that there are times when silence is golden. 

All of this manipulation is becoming very obvious, even to the chronically disinterested American public and if you stop up the spout of a boiling tea kettle, the lid always blows off.” 

Zionism Vs The U.S. Constitution

The Zionist Strategy to Usurp and Destroy the US Constitution and America

The Zionist Subversion of the U.K.

As the twenty-one month long siege of Gaza becomes a death sentence for yet more civilians, a group in the UK with experience of the Occupied Territories is urging the Committee on Standards in Public Life to examine whether there is undue Israeli influence at the heart of British government.

The blockade stops vital medical supplies going in and prevents chronically sick patients (including children) transferring to proper hospital treatment outside Gaza. Israel’s deep penetration of our political system, says the group, is preventing Britain from taking a principled stand on Middle East matters, including the long catalogue of grotesque violations of Palestinian human rights, of which the Gaza siege is only the latest example. Conservative Friends of Israel, for example, claim the support of 80 percent of Tory MPs.

Zionism:  The Force Behind September 11 and the Criminal Wars of Aggression Against Other Peoples

Mossad (the Israeli secret service) & CIA Committed 9-11: Italian President Francesco Cossiga

By Christopher Bollyn  

Saturday, 8 December 2007, 10:23 a.m.

In Response To: TOP SECRET - Ehud Olmert's Pre-9/11 Visit to NYC <> (ChristopherBollyn)


9-11 Was Planned and Realized by CIA and Mossad with Help of Zionists

On 30 November 2007, Francesco Cossiga, former president of Italy, told the respected Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera that the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 were planned and realized by the CIA and Mossad. He is stating the obvious.I have always said that the intelligence agencies of the leading nations of the world are certainly very well aware that the official version is a fraud. The largest media networks are also aware of the 9-11 hoax, primarily because of their fundamental role in perpetrating this fraud on the public. The people are always the last to know the truth.
President Francesco Cossiga

The following is a translation of what President Cossiga said:

From circles around Palazzo Chigi, nerve centre of direction of Italian intelligence, it is noted that the non-authenticity of the video is testified from the fact that Osama bin Laden in it 'confessed' that Al Qaeda would have been the author of the attack of the 11 September on the Twin Towers in New York, while all of the democratic circles of America and of Europe, in the front lines being those of the Italian centre-left, now know well that the disastrous attack was planned and realized by the American CIA and Mossad with the help of the Zionist world to put under accusation the Arabic Countries and to persuade the Western powers to intervene in Iraq and Afghanistan.
For this, no word of solidarity arrived to Silvio Berlusconi, who has been the author of the brilliant falsification, neither from the Quirinale, nor from Palazzo Chigi, nor from representatives of the centre-left!

Cossiga had expressed his doubts about 9/11, and is quoted in Webster Tarpley’s book:

The mastermind of the attack must have been a “sophisticated mind, provided with ample means not only to recruit fanatic kamikazes, but also highly specialized personnel. I add one thing: it could not be accomplished without infiltrations in the radar and flight security personnel.

The following is Cossiga's comments in the original Italian:

«TRAPPOLA» - «La 'trappola' sarebbe stata montata, secondo la sopra citata catena di stampa, per sollevare una ondata di solidarietà verso Berlusconi, nel momento nel quale si trova in difficoltà anche a causa di un altro scoop della stessa catena giornalistica sugli intrecci tra la Rai e Mediaset», continua il senatore a vita. «Da ambienti vicini a Palazzo Chigi, centro nevralgico di direzione dell'intelligence italiana, si fa notare che la non autenticità del video è testimoniata dal fatto che Osama Bin Laden in esso 'confessa' che Al Qaeda sarebbe stato l'autore dell'attentato dell'11 settembre alle due torri in New York, mentre tutti gli ambienti democratici d'America e d'Europa, con in prima linea quelli del centrosinistra italiano, sanno ormai bene che il disastroso attentato è stato pianificato e realizzato dalla Cia americana e dal Mossad con l'aiuto del mondo sionista per mettere sotto accusa i Paesi arabi e per indurre le potenze occidentali ad intervenire sia in Iraq sia in Afghanistan. Per questo - conclude Cossiga - nessuna parola di solidarietà è giunta a Silvio Berlusconi, che sarebbe l'ideatore della geniale falsificazione, né dal Quirinale, né da Palazzo Chigi né da esponenti del centrosinistra!».

Sources:Osama-Berlusconi? «Trappola giornalistica», Corrierre Della Sera, November 30, 2007 <>

"Were US & Israel Behind the 9/11?" Gideon Polya, Media With Conscience, Dec. 6, 2007 <>

"Ex-Italian President: Intel Agencies Know 9/11 An Inside Job" Paul Joseph Watson, December 4, 2007 <>

How Anti-Iraq-War Jews Licensed Neoconservatism

By Philip Weiss

Ever since the rise of the neocons, my liberal Democratic mother and I have had the same argument. I say, "They're Jews, and they're representing Jewish political aims."  She says, "No they're not. They're a bunch of rightwing nuts. You keep talking about the Jewish support for the Iraq war; every Jew I know was against it."

I've never had a very articulate answer for my mother. Till I read James Petras's wonderful piece on an AJC poll that makes her point--most American Jews opposed the Iraq war and oppose an attack on Iran...

One reason for the gap between the ‘progressive’ polling results and the actual pro-war behavior of the major American Jewish Organizations is found in several of the opinions not cited by progressive analysts but emphasized by the 52 leaders of the major communal organizations (Daily Alert, December 13, 2007). Over eighty percent (82%) of American Jews agree that ‘the goal of the Arabs is not the return of occupied territories but rather the destruction of Israel’. Only 12% of Jews disagree. And 55% to 37% do not believe Israel and its Arab neighbors will settle their differences and live in peace. On the key issue of a compromise on the key issue of Jerusalem, by 58% to 36% American Jews reject an Israeli compromise to insure a framework for permanent peace.
Given the high salience of being pro-Israel for the majority of American Jews and the fact that the source of their identity stems more from their loyalty to Israel than to the Talmud or religious myths and rituals, then it is clear that both the ‘progressive, majority of Jews and the reactionary minority who head up all the major American Jewish organizations have a fundamental point of agreement and convergence: Support and identity with Israel and its anti-Arab prejudices, its expansion and the dispossession of Palestine. [my emphasis] This overriding convergence allows the reactionary Presidents of the Major Jewish Organizations in America to speak for the Jewish community with virtually no opposition from the progressive majority either within or without their organizations. By raising the Israeli flag, repeating clichés about the ‘existential threat’ to Israel at each and every convenient moment, the majority of Jews have bowed their heads and acquiesced or, worst, subordinated their other ‘progressive’ opinions to actively backing the leaders ‘identity’ with Israel. Their franchise on being the recognized Jewish spokespeople intimidates and/or forces progressive Jews to publicly abide to the line that ‘Israel (sic) knows what is best for Israel’ and by extension for all American Jews who identify with Israel.

Petras has just about nailed it. The crazy rightwingers are actually speaking in the name of progressive Jews. These rightwingers aren't fringies. They are supported. They dominate the leadership of Jewish organizations and as I have noted here before, gained support for the Iraq war from an overwhelming majority of anti-Vietnam-war Jewish Democratic congressmen. The Jane Harman type. Which is to say that neoconservatism has been licensed by the larger Jewish community, because secretly or unconsciously that community feels that these guys are standing up for Israel. The neocons are the tough brother-in-law.

When will we disown him? I keep waiting for the Jewish soulsearching over what neocon Jewish ideas about Arabs have done to the Middle East, Jewish identity, and America. But progressive Jews won't lead that soulsearching until they acknowledge their own agency in the mess. Until they accept that Jerusalem doesn't belong to the Jews. 58% to 36% against dividing Jerusalem! My god. No wonder Camp David fell apart over that issue...

The Lobby that is an Affront to American Freedom


"The result is that Members of Congress today loudly reward Israel as it violates international law and peace agreements, lures America into costly wars, and subjects millions of Palestinians under its rule to apartheid-like conditions because they are not Jewish."

"In years past, conservatives were often shouted down on university campuses by left-wing students. But today speakers disapproved by powerful interest groups are simply disinvited in advance. Even Harvard University has fallen to the new censorship. On September 14, 2007, the Harvard Crimson reported that the Israel Lobby was able to force Harvard University to disinvite three speakers, an Oxford University professor, a DePaul professor, and a Rutgers professor, because they had criticized Israeli policy."


"A number of writers have exposed Israel’s misbehavior and the power of the Lobby, but until now, the Lobby has been able to marginalize its critics by smearing them as “anti-semites,” “nazis,” and “Jew-haters.”  In a new book, John J. Mearsheimer and Stephen M. Walt have broken the Israel Lobby’s power to suppress truth by demonizing and intimidating all who would criticize Israel."

Zionists Using Holocaust to Silence People: Chief Rabbi


"I think it is the best thing and you should be proud that the Zionist media, inside the United States, are against you. The more they are trying to attack you, the more is because you are at a better position. Do not be afraid of people who speak openly of attacks, you should rather be afraid of those who speak nice to you. No one in the world had expected the Islamic Republic to make such achievements. The Iranian people are far too clever to fall into such propaganda, and I think they are clever enough to realize that this propaganda is the exact reason to stand firmly, and they do not expect to receive cheers from the evil. ...


"All the media is silent about all the crimes committed by the Zionist regime by using the Holocaust concept."

Iranian University Chancellors Ask Bollinger 10 Questions

TEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Seven chancellors and presidents of Iranian universities and research centers, in a letter addressed to their counterpart in the US Colombia University, denounced Lee Bollinger's insulting words against the Iranian nation and president and invited him to provide responses for 10 questions of the Iranian academicians and intellectuals.


The Jewish Religious Identity Has Been Misplaced and Stolen by the Zionist Creation called "Israel"

The Need for Jewish People to Dissociate from Zionism



Zionism for Complete Dummies

There are features to Zionism that are seldom discussed. Often when they are discussed the language is needlessly convoluted and intricate. It’s understandable; people who want to make their point are going to spend a lot of time on detail. I’ve yet to see the most important features of Zionism discussed in a simple ABC manner.

It is easy for anyone curious enough to want to do so to look into what Theodor Herzl, the founder of Zionism, had to say. You can read Ben Gurion and you can read about the position taken by Zionist leaders during World War Two when many efforts were underway to remove Jews from Germany and the occupied regions. These aren’t secret documents. A very clear picture is painted.

The events of World War 2 were a tremendous boon to Zionism. This isn’t me saying this. This has been repeated often by Zionists and evidence of their activity during World War 2 is easily found… often on the front page of mainstream newspapers. Incidents such as their declaration of war against Hitler early on; March 24, 1933 it appeared in the London Daily Express. And the behavior of Zionist afterwards is also not a secret

“There is a huge amount of literature describing how the Zionists made it very difficult to save Jews during and after World War II. As various individuals and organizations were trying to arrange departures of Jews to western countries, the Zionists worked overtime to prevent this from happening. They expressed the opinion that building up the Jewish population of Palestine was more important than enabling Jews to go to third countries, and they insisted to western powers that Jews should not be accepted anywhere other than Palestine. Indeed, Yitzchak Greenbaum, a famous Zionist, proclaimed that “one cow in Palestine was worth more than all the Jews in Poland.” The infamous David Ben-Gurion said in 1938:

"If I knew it was possible to save all the children in Germany by taking them to England, and only half of the children by taking them to Eretz Israel, I would choose the second solution. For we must take into account not only the lives of these children but also the history of the people of Israel."

There’s much worse, such as their blockade of Red Cross aid to the camps which the authorities were most willing to allow. Zionists kept all aid from reaching these people with the sole intent of increasing the condition of their suffering. This is known and documented … a real fact. This is all public record but that’s not the concern of this article

Theodor Herzl came up with the idea of using anti-Semitism as a tool to achieve certain ends. He said it should even be manufactured when there is opportunity and used whenever possible, true or not. Whatever it took to get what he wanted was fine.

Zionism is a pretty simple thing if you strip away all of the scenery. It’s about possession of the Holy Land exclusively for the Jews and about expanding the dimensions of it to include what they have interpreted from some Biblical map they have that implies that a truly enormous stretch of real estate belongs to them. This area is far larger than the presently ‘expanded’ borders that exist today. The only other feature of Zionism that needs to be understood is the use of anti-Semitism which is employed against anyone who opposes the hegemonic intentions of Zionism. It doesn’t matter if the person opposing Zionism is actually anti-Semitic or not. They automatically become anti-Semitic by virtue of their opposition. It is permissible to do ‘anything’ to further the purposes of Zionism; “by deception ye shall wage war.”

Let’s not get into the Ashkenazi question or anybody’s rights to exist. Let’s avoid all distraction and red herrings and go right to the point. The Zionists are to the Jewish people what the Nazi’s were to the German people. After the defeat of Germany the German people were all branded as Nazis and that is not the case. All Jews are not Zionists either.

Zionist behavior causes reactions because it is an ugly thing that no human being could countenance as far as its behavior and rhetoric goes. However, when you rightfully criticize Zionism you are tagged as criticizing Jews. As a result, Zionism has been able to become a world problem because they use the Jewish people as a human shield. You launch a comment and it is made to appear to hit collateral bystanders. That’s the intent.

It would benefit anyone interested in the truth of the matter to read about The True Torah Jews and look into the works of Rabbi Weissmandl and Grand Rebbe Teitelbaum; if you are interested of course. If you’re not then that’s up to you.

World Jewry and Zionism is not the same thing and commentary on one doesn’t impact on the other. Let us use an analogy. Republican conservatives and American neo-cons are not the same thing. The latter may be Republicans but they are their own reality. They may operate within the wider spectrum of conservative Republicanism but their direction and intention are not the same and they neither serve nor advance the interests of Republican conservatives any more than politically motivated religious fundamentalists serve or advance the interests of Christians.

This is like a virus in that it pretends to be a legitimate cell but the virus is not the cell that it is mimicking. It’s a blind. The people who are going to pay the heaviest price for the actions of Zionism are not the Zionists. The Jewish people and others are going to pay the price and it is imperative that the Jewish people make an effort, which so far has not been generally forthcoming, to disassociate themselves from Zionism.

Many Jews have become convinced that the actions of Zionists are key to the survival of Israel. This is a lie. They are the biggest threat to the survival of Israel. If it weren’t for Zionism, Israel would already have peace with her neighbors just as the Jews who lived there previous to their arrival did. It is the intention of Zionism to steal the lands of other people and that sets other people against them. That’s an observable fact.

There is a reason that the Zionists ruthlessly suppress everyone who criticizes them. There is a reason they use anti-Semitism against everyone who speaks out against them. There is a reason they set up a hue and cry against research into and publication about the truth concerning them. The reason is that they are up to no good. What other reason could there be? If you don’t care what people see then you don’t hide it. If you do care then you do hide it. There’s a difference between making love to your wife with the door closed and raping a child behind the same door. There are limits to the defense of privacy just as there is a natural abhorrence against anyone revising history to suit their purposes.

The Zionists are extremely powerful. The Nazi’s were very powerful once too. They aren’t anymore and the same has to happen to the Zionist movement.

This slander of everyone who criticizes Zionist activity has to stop. It has to be unmasked for what it is. When the Rachel Corrie play is suppressed in every country where there is an attempt to have it performed it should tell you something. When Walt and Mearsheimer are hounded and slandered wherever they appear it should tell you something. When historical events are routinely doctored to serve specific interests it should tell you something. When a majority of the recent anti-Semitic attacks in France were proven to have been engineered by Zionists it should tell you something. When it is revealed that members of AIPAC were caught sending classified material to Israel it should tell you something. When a war is manufactured under false pretenses engineered by Zionists …and American soldiers and foreign citizens die and the reputation of America is tarnished it should tell you something. When new drumbeats for war against Iran are being sounded by the same people that drummed up the Iraqi conflict it should tell you something. But are you paying attention? Are you listening?

I don’t suppose I would be as concerned as I am if it were not for the fact that real people are dying for lies fabricated by people who engineer and manipulate the conflicts. I wouldn’t be as concerned if an entire nation weren’t being used for target practice and abused daily across the stretch of decades. I realize that until it happens to you it doesn’t really matter. I don’t have that luxury, my conscience won’t allow it.

We have to separate the Zionist movement from the ordinary lives and goals of Jews the world over and see the difference; the same way we can see the difference between the Khmer Rouge and the Cambodian people, the Communist government and the Russian people, the Chinese government and the Chinese people, the American neo-cons and the American people, Nazi Germany and the German people.

This slander of truth tellers and blackmailing of nations has to stop. The association of anti-Semitism with genuine criticism has to stop. Sooner or later the wrong people are going to pay the price as they always do. It’s up to the Jewish people to begin to police themselves. The greatest power to do so lies with them. The world will thank you.

“Jewish villages were built in the place of Arab villages. You do not even know the names of these Arab villages, and I do not blame you because geography books no longer exist, not only do the books not exist, the Arab villages are not there either. Nahlal arose in the place of Mahlul; Kibbutz Gvat in the place of Jibta; Kibbutz Sarid in the place of Huneifis; and Kefar Yehushu'a in the place of Tal al-Shuman. There is not one single place built in this country that did not have a former Arab population.” (Moishe Dayan) …Genocide…

What kind of a god would establish a nation on terror? A god who is as evil as the devil.

A Psychopathic State "Proud" to Kill Children
and the Elderly

Israeli Psychopathic Brutes Continue to Kill
 and Flaunt All International Law

 (link now defunct -- other info here:)

"Finishing the State of Israel" An American Jew Speaks Out

The Need For All Americans to Re-Evaluate Israel

US Must Reevaluate Its Relationship With Israel

by Scott Ritter

I have for some time now publicly articulated my sympathy and support for the state of Israel
, even while criticizing those cases that I believed constituted poor judgment and bad policy. My stance was based upon my past experiences with Israel , which began indirectly in 1990-1991 when I was involved in counter-SCUD activities during Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm, and continued in a much more direct fashion as a weapons inspector with the United Nations Special Commission (UNSCOM), charged with disarming Iraqi weapons of mass destruction.

As a weapons inspector I made numerous visits to Israel
for the purpose of coordinating with the Israeli intelligence community on matters pertaining to Iraqi WMD. I was greatly impressed not only with the professionalism of the Israeli intelligence services, but also with the Israeli people and society. During my time in Israel , I was witness to numerous horrific events, including several terrorist bombings and the assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. The resilience of the people of Israel in absorbing these blows yet continuing to live life to its fullest was remarkable, and worthy of admiration.

As a firsthand witness to the remarkable vigor of the Israeli state and its people, and as someone who considers himself to be their friend, it saddens me to see just how poorly the current Israeli government returns this friendship, not to me personally, but to my country, the United States of America. The government of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has embarked on policies that are questionable at best when one examines them from a purely Israeli standpoint; they are nothing less than a betrayal of the United States
when examined from a broader perspective.

The insidious manner in which the current Israeli government has manipulated the domestic political machinery of the United States
to produce support for its policies constitutes nothing less than direct interference in the governance of a sovereign state. The degree to which the current Israeli government has succeeded in this regard can be tracked not only by the words and actions of the administration of President George W. Bush and the American Congress, but also by the extent to which a pro-Israel lexicon has taken hold within the mainstream media of the United States . Witness the pro-Israel bias displayed when discussing the situation in southern Lebanon , the air strike in Syria , or the Iranian situation, and the retarding of any effort toward a responsible discussion of anything dealing with Israel becomes apparent.

One would expect such efforts to shape the domestic public opinion of a state deemed hostile, but when the target of these Israeli actions is its ostensible best friend, one must begin to question whether or not the friendship is a one-way street. And if this is indeed the case, then perhaps it is time for the United States
to reconsider its decades-old policy of strategic partnership with Israel.

It must be understood that the government of Ehud Olmert is acting in a post-9/11 environment, with considerable facilitators in the administration of President Bush, including the vice president. These two factors combine to create a cycle of enablement that allows a purely Israeli point of view to dominate American policy. If the Israeli point of view were built on logic, compassion, and the rule of law, then this tilt would not constitute a problem. But the Israeli point of view is increasingly constructed on a foundation of intolerance and irresponsible unilateralism that divorces the country from global norms. In this day and age of nuclear nonproliferation, the undeclared nuclear arsenal of Israel
stands as perhaps the most egregious example of how an Israel-only standard destabilizes the Middle East . It is the Israeli nuclear weapons program, including its strategic delivery systems, that is the core of instability for this very volatile region.

The statements by Israeli officials concerning the recent National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) on Iran
and its nuclear program are perhaps the best manifestation of this reality. Avi Dichter, Israel's public security minister, has condemned the NIE as a flawed document, and in terms that link the American analysis to a cause-and-effect cycle that could lead the Middle East down the path of regional war. Like many Israelis, including the prime minister, Dichter disagrees with the American NIE on Iran , in particular the finding that Iran ceased its nuclear weapons program in 2003. The Israelis hold that this program is still active, despite the fact that the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has reached a conclusion similar to the NIE's based upon its own exhaustive inspection activities inside Iran over the past five years.

In threatening the world with war because America
opted for once to embrace fact instead of fiction, Israel , sadly, has become like a cornered beast, lashing out at any and all it perceives to threaten its security interests. The current Israeli definition of what constitutes its security interests is so broad as to preclude any difference of opinion. Israel's shameless invocations of the Holocaust to defend its actions not only shames the memory of those murdered over 60 years ago, but ironically dilutes the impact of that memory by linking it with current policies that are cruel and intolerant. The message of Holocaust remembrance should be "never again," not just in terms of the persecution of Jews, but in terms of man's inhumanity to man. The birth of the Israeli state, as imperfect and controversial as it was, served as a foundation for the pursuit of tolerance. However, Israel 's current policies, rooted in ethnic and religious hatred, are the antithesis of tolerance.

Israel at present can have no friends, because Israel does not know how to be a friend. Driven by xenophobic paranoia and historical grievances, Israel is embarked on a path that can only lead to death and destruction. This is a path the United States should not tread. I have always taken the position that Israel is a friend of the United States  and that friends should always stand up for one another, even in difficult times. I have also noted that, to quote a phrase well known in America , friends don't let friends drive drunk, and that for some time now Israel has been drunk on arrogance and power. As a friend, I have believed the best course of action for the United States to take would be that which helped remove the keys from the ignition of the policy vehicle Israel is steering toward the edge of the abyss. Now it seems our old friend is holding a pistol to our head, demanding that we stop interfering with the vehicle's operation and preventing us from getting out of the car. This is not the action of a friend, and it can no longer be tolerated.

It is time for what those who are familiar with dependency issues would term an intervention. Like a child too long spoiled by an inattentive parent, Israel has grown accustomed to American largess, to the point that it is addicted to an American aid package that is largely responsible for keeping the Israeli economy afloat. This aid must be reconsidered in its entirety. The day of the free ride must come to an end. The United States
must redefine its national security priorities in the Middle East and position Israel accordingly. At the very least, American aid must be linked to Israeli behavior modification. The standards America applies to other nations around the world when it comes to receiving aid must likewise apply to Israel .

Let there be no doubt: Israel
and its considerable lobby of supporters here in America will scream bloody murder if their aid is trimmed in any fashion. But in the greater interest of what will best benefit the security interests of the United States , and indeed the Middle East and the entire world, the grip Israel has on American policymaking must come to an end. It is up to the American people to make this change, first and foremost by recognizing that a real problem exists in American-Israeli relations, then by electing officials to Congress who will deal responsibly with these problems based not on the behind-the-scenes lobbying of Israel and its proxies, but rather the legitimate interests of the United States.

If Israel
decides it wants to be our friend, then it will change its behavior accordingly. Absent this, America has no choice but to declare its independence from a relationship that has destroyed our credibility around the world and drags us dangerously down the path toward another irresponsible military misadventure in the Middle East . If, in the future, Israel desires to reestablish a relationship with the United States built upon the principles of mutual trust and benefit, then so be it. Such a relationship is something I could embrace without hesitation. But one thing is certain: no such friendship can truly exist under the conditions and terms that are in place today, and for that reason the entirety of the American-Israeli relationship must be reexamined.

The Reason for America to Fight for Independence from Israel

Blowing Off the Sugar Coating of Israel from Ritter's Article Above



The Convergence of "Zionist-Israel-Neocon"

Some People Never Learn the Lesson


Gilad Atzmon – Peace Palestine Blogspot December 4, 2007 

On Thursday afternoon, Gordon Brown learned that he was to become only the second sitting British Prime Minister to be subject to a police investigation. 

This is happening less than six months after Tony Blair had left Downing Street under the severe cloud of a police probe into the Cash for Honours affair. 

For Blair it was No 1 Labour fundraiser, the Zionist Lord Levy who got him into serious trouble, for Brown it is Mr David Abrahams (in the photo, Abrahams is on the right, with an MP friend), just another 'Friend of Israel' and a provincial chairman of Jewish Labour, who may be the one to finish off his political career. 

Once again, the Labour Party had to admit that it erred by accepting donations from dubious sources. ''The money was not lawfully declared, so it will be returned,' said the Prime Minister, after the disclosure that Labour had benefited to the tune of more than GBP 600,000 from a bizarre funding scheme arranged by David Abrahams, an eccentric property tycoon who decided to donate his money by proxy. 

Apparently, Lord Levy and David Abrahams were not alone in dragging Labour towards yet another political disaster. The third corner in this disastrous triangle is Mr Jon Mendelsohn, a man who grasps the power of money and politics. Mr Mendelsohn, an ex-chairman of Labour Friends of Israel <> , is the current chief fundraiser of the Labour Party. 

Seemingly and shamefully, the Labour Party did not learn its lesson following the Lord Levy 'Cash for Honours' scandal. Once again they let the supporters of Israel take care of their material needs. 

I find myself wondering how come Labour is so heavily entangled with those 'Friends of Israel'? However, the most crucial issue here is actually the fact that not a single British media outlet dares to ask the most important questions: what is this cabal of self-declared 'Friends of Israel' trying to achieve by pouring money into political parties? What is it that it is trying to buy? Where is the money coming from? Is it their own money or is it delivered by their 'friends' in the Israeli embassy or another Zionist apparatus? 

British society is a multicultural society, this means that very many people of different ethnic and racial origins live together in peace and mutual respect. This is probably the greatest asset that the British culture can offer momentarily, a multi-ethnic society made of communities of people who treat each other with respect and tolerance. Many British Jews benefit and contribute to the British multi-ethnic society. However, within the liberal multi-cultural discourse it is 'politically incorrect' to associate ethnicity and unlawful acts, something that our 'Friends of Israel' and 'Jewish Labour' exploit beyond belief. Though they operate as an ethnic lobby, promoting some radical, exclusive Jewish National interests, they wouldn't like to be exposed as such, definitely not in reference to their overwhelmingly disclosed unlawful activity. 

A quick glance into the ideological fundaments the 'Labour Friend of Israel' makes it clear that we are dealing here with some ardent Zionist Neo-conservative worldviews <> : 'We are fundamentally sympathetic to Israel's position as a liberal democracy facing constant security dilemmas and existential threats'. For those who fail to understand: Israel is indeed a democracy as long as you are Jewish. Within the Israeli controlled territories, the vast majority of the Palestinians are not even citizens. Strictly speaking, the 'Labour Friends of Israel', fundamentally supports an apartheid racist Jewish state i.e. Israel. If this is not bad enough, they do just that at the heart of British politics. Moreover, they do just that without even respecting the elementary British ethical political norms. 

Amid British multi-culturalism, no one in Britain dares question the clear cabal of Zionists who were fully engaged in transforming British politics into a Zionist internal affair. British press and the media is fully aware of the complexity entangled with those Friends of Israel and their fundamental sympathy, yet, they are filling their mouths with water. Instead of standing up against this dangerous lobby that acts to ally Britain with an apartheid state, they use some sticky language, leaving the conclusions to the readers, if they are able to make up their minds on their own. They refer to Jon Mendlesohn's affiliation within the Labour Friends of Israel, they refer to David Abrahams being a provincial vice-chairman of the Jewish Labour Movement <>

I think that British media should be brave enough to stand up and report that there is an Israeli lobby in Britain acting under the name of Jewish Labour <> as well as Labour Friends of Israel. There is no German lobby in Britain acting under the name 'Aryan Labour' operating as well as 'Friends of Germany'. Nor there is a Black Labour organisation also lobbying as the Friends of Zimbabwe. Seemingly, Zionist lobbyists are the only ones who get away with their unique form of racially orientated lobbying activity. 

Funnily enough, the only press outlet in Britain that was brave enough to confront the severe implications of the current Jewish affair was actually the leading British Jewish weekly, the JC (Jewish Chronicle). 

'Fears were growing this week of an antisemitic backlash following the latest Labour Party cash scandal involving two prominent Jewish activists', said the JC <> in its main article last Friday. 

The JC does realise that the affair would eventually affect the community. Seemingly, the JC does not doubt the truth behind the current revelation. "The two main figures in this week's controversy are Jon Mendelsohn, the Prime Minister's election campaign fundraiser, and property magnate David Abrahams, who is accused of breaking the law by using third parties to disguise donations of GBP 600,000 to Labour", said the JC. 

Yet, being the leading Jewish press outlet and addressing mainly British Jewish audience, the paper offers as well an 'Elder of Zion' like pretext just to try to cheer its readers. There is a 'whiff of antisemitism about it', says MP Andrew Dismore to the JC. "People are looking for links to Jewish interests and evidence of a Jewish conspiracy. The press are turning every stone to find one." 

I find myself wondering how the JC can report some clear unlawful conduct in one paragraph and then suggest a "Jewish conspiracy" in the next. For those who do not realise, Abrahams and Mendelsohn are not a hidden conspiracy, their acts have been exposed in broad daylight, they are mainstream news on the front of each paper in this country, subject to police scrutiny. 

"The Hendon MP said he did not believe the case would have received such intensive coverage if it did not involve Jews. The undercurrent of antisemitism is worrying." 

May I assure the ignoramus Hendon MP that an exposed cabal of Saudi businessmen trying to buy a leading British party would get at least as much attention. 

Paul Usiskin, another Labour supporter and co-chair of Peace Now UK, said: "It doesn't do the reputation of people communally linked to Israel any good to find themselves willingly or unwillingly at the centre of matters to do with politics and money." 

Once again, I find myself bewildered, this Usiskin sees things through, yet he himself involved in some Judeo- centric political activity as a lobbyer for the Zionist Peace Now UK. 

"I hope," adds Usiskin, "that in contrast to previous issues of this kind, people do not link historical relations between Jews and financial affairs." 

And I find myself wondering again, why shouldn't they? In fact, every British citizen in general and British Jews in particular must reflect just about that because this is the crux of the issue. 

Jon Benjamin, the Chief Executive of the notorious Board of Deputies, the Jewish Lobby that recently tried to shatter the career of the democratically elected Mayor of London, was there to say, "there is wide concern in this story and clearly there is a potential for it to turn against us. We have been there before." 

For a change, I agree with Jon Benjamin. Indeed you had been there before and more than once, yet somehow you never learn your lesson. 

PS/ The Sunday Times had 24 pages on government chaos and each one had a box mentioning the Zionist groups, as if they weren't quite prepared to spell it out.  Also forgot to tell you that on Parliamentary question time last week, someone raised the fact that "the Protocols of Zion" is being circulated in a London Comprehensive and Brown said smartly "he'd DEAL with it immediately."!!

Obama and the Obamakins

Praising Israel in a speech about racism is like praising the history of White South Africa in a speech about civil rights. Has the fact that Israel is a Zionist state completely escaped the minds of all the Obamakins?


More on the Zionist-Israel-Neocon Three Headed Monster

The Orwellian State of Israel



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