Because War is a Fraud A Scam, A Sham and a Shame

It is to Hold the Status Quo System in Place

Learn in Order to Live

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The War on Terror is a Fraud
It is Not Meant to be Won  It is Meant to be Continuous

All Wars Have Been Frauds

How the Financial Oligarchs Think


When is Enough, Enough? 


On the environmental impact of the exercises…


War Games: Pacific Northwest

"The Navy acknowledges that some testing is highly classified, therefore, the tests are not shared with the public at all. Its 1,000 page NWTRC Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) notes that the tests conducted off the Pacific Northwest coast will "take" an estimated 11 million marine mammals, about 2.7 million per year. A "take" is "a significant disruption in marine mammal foraging, breeding and other essential behaviors"; death is implied.


"The take for decimated fish and bird life and the life that supports them is not mentioned. Neither is the take for civilians in the zone conducting commercial and recreation enterprises during tests. Beyond directions to web sites for "Long-range advance notice of scheduled activities" local fishing, cruise ships, boating and daily aviation passenger carriers passing through test areas will not be informed on the days testing occurs.”



The Financial Oligarchs Have Set Up the World to Profit from Death and Destruction

and then call themselves "blessed" their inbreeding has caused both idiocy and madness

 which explains why we have a world like this

"Support" the Troops to do this?

The Financial Oligarchs say soldiers are

“dumb, stupid animals to be used” as pawns for foreign policy


They Are Dead Right Aren't They?

This is just supporting The Plutocrats




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